Why I Spend Every New Year’s Eve with My Family

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As everyone begins counting down the last 60 seconds of the year with their eyes glued to television watching the big sparkly ball drop, I like to look around the room. No, I’m not looking for someone to share a New Year’s kiss with—it’s quite the opposite actually.

Last week, when I was at one of my friend’s houses, my friends began making plans for the big holiday. I just sat quietly while they determined who would host the party this year, who to invite, etc. One of my friends turned to me and was about to ask what my plans were, but then he said, “Oh that’s right, you’re always with your family.”

I wasn’t offended – it was a very true statement. I guess I had just never thought about it that way. Spending this holiday (and just about every other holiday) with my family came natural to me. It was something I had always done. I never caught on to the hype of spending New Year’s Eve at a huge party where I don’t know most of the people there.

Thanks to the media, New Year’s Eve falls under the category of things people should make a big deal about. I get it; New Year’s Eve is a big deal. It’s the last night of the old year, and we’re anticipating what the new year has in store for us. However, after high school, it seems like everyone ditches their family to go to some glitzy party hoping to lock lips with a gorgeous stranger.


For some reason, that never appealed to me. I have always—and still do—wanted to spend this holiday with my family. Every year, we’ll throw a party at one of my family members’ homes. At midnight my family’s tradition is to eat twelve grapes and drink a glass of champagne—after all the kissing and hugging is done, of course.

Sure, friends come to these parties every now and then, but the one thing that stays consistent are my family members.

That’s why spending New Year’s Eve with them makes sense to me. They’re the ones who’ve been my rock when things got rough throughout the year. They’re the ones who stood by all my decisions—even the bad ones. Why wouldn’t I want to spend the last day of the year with them?

I’m not going to lie, those New Year’s Eve parties do seem intriguing. I’m not trying to bash on anyone who does go to those parties. In many situations, your friends become your family and that’s totally awesome. I’m just in a different situation where most of my family members are my friends.

I come from a large family where many of my cousins are around my age and my aunts and uncles can hang with the young kids. I can honestly say that I enjoy every party or gathering I have with my family members. Because of that, our parties are just as fun as the ones I hear my friends talk about.


So, this year I’m not going to be looking for the perfect party dress. I’m not going to be attending a wild party. I’m not going to freak out if I don’t find anyone to kiss when the ball drops.

This year, just like any other year, I’m going to look around the room during the final 60 seconds of the year. I’m going to look at my family members faces and get sentimental (it never fails). I’m going to think about how we’ve all grown and changed in the past year and wonder what next year is going to bring us. When the ball finally drops and everyone screams “Happy New Year,” I’m going to be grateful that I end and begin every year with people I’m lucky enough to call my family.


Alyssa is a public relations senior at the University of Florida. She likes to incorporate her passions into her career and is eternally curious. NYC is calling her name.

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