Why You Shouldn’t Dress Like a Sexy Bunny this Halloween

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Halloween costumes sexualize girls at a young age. Mermaid costumes feature teeny bikini tops that show belly buttons and Disney princesses teach girls that they need a prince. Why is it that we never want to dress as engineers, scientists or businesswomen? Out of curiosity, CM asked college students their take on provocative costumes, and their answers might not be what you expect. Here are nine reasons why you shouldn’t go for the sexy costume this Halloween.

1. It Makes You Look Vanilla Iced Latte Basic

We’ve all seen the bunny ears and small pom-poms on girls’ butts paired with a leotard or corset, and every year we think, “Another bunny?” Santa Fe Community College junior Alu Soto said, “I am not very fond of Halloween costumes that are specifically meant to be ‘sexy.’ I love seeing well thought out costumes like when people make their own and seeing how much effort they put into it.” Dressing provocatively doesn’t always necessarily mean you’re sexy; it potentially classifies you as basic and uncreative.

2. It Won’t Get Him to Call you

Usually, girls assume that wearing the typical slutty bunny ears will boost their confidence or make them more appealing to frat guys. But University of Florida sophomore Jeremy Kleiman said, “If a [girl] wears a creative costume, it sparks conversation. I want girls to put more effort than throwing on black leggings and a tight black shirt with tiny head ears.” So lesson learned: The amount of cleavage, legs or butt cheeks you show doesn’t guarantee that the best looking guy will ask for your digits or snapchat username.

3. It Won’t Make Guys Wish Their Girlfriends are (Hot) Like You

Though these costumes make us feel sexy, they won’t bring you positive attention. “Everyone wants attention that night and to me slutty costumes signal that these girls want the wrong kind of attention,” said Florida State University junior Max Weinberg. Personally, I would rather guys make jokes about my oversized Spongebob Squarepants bodysuit than refer to me and know it’s warm enough to be half-naked in public.

4. It’s Better to Be a Clever Clarissa than a Plain Jane

Dressing in a funny or clever costume can land you a spot in the Halloween Hall of Fame, rather than getting lost amongst the sexy bunnies and kitties. “Last year my friend was a Chipotle worker. It was cute, but everyone thought it was hilarious at the same time so everyone concentrated more on the funny aspect of the costume. My friend was holding a sign that said ‘Guac is extra, is that okay?’” said University of Florida junior Micaela Kupferman. Dressing up in something that brings positive attention helps your peers see that you’re the girl with a wonderful sense of humor.

5. It’s Unoriginal

On Halloween, we all want to meet people with similar interests and make new friendships. Tallahassee Community College sophomore Jamal Williams said, “I often find myself shaking my head at some of the things these girls wear for Halloween as costumes, when they’re really just naked. It would be cool to see a girl wear a costume of a forgotten cartoon or something we can all relate to, like Angelica Pickles.” Wouldn’t you rather throw it back to the 90s or dress up as Meg from Family Guy than just be another slutty nurse?

6. It Makes You the Trendfollower, Not the Trendsetter

Often girls wear provocative costumes because society encourages girls that it’s the “Halloween thing to do.” “For me, the defining line is whether or not I’m [wearing the costume] for myself. If I am dressing a certain way or wearing makeup to make myself feel confident or to make an effort to show I care about something going on, that’s OK. But if I’m doing it to please someone else, that’s a problem,” said Florida State senior Kathryn Bachman. Be bold, be beautiful, but don’t listen to what others define as sexy; start a movement and dress in what makes you feel good.

7. It’s not your only option

After spending hours searching the mall, it’s easy to resort to the easiest costume you already have at home. Florida State senior Maci Morse said, “I’m thinking of being Pocahontas or Minnie Mouse because they’re my favorites and I have pieces of costumes from the past. I don’t like the idea of having to dress ‘slutty.’ I want [guys] to respect me and think I look good, not think that I look like a slut.” So even if you think your only option is turning to the slutty bunny look, think outside the box and don’t be afraid to mix and match other pieces in your closet.

8. It’s Time to Take Back the Power…

Whether you’re planning on dressing as a nurse, pop-star or princess, make sure that you’re making the decision for yourself. University of Florida senior Sabina Rita said, “Empowerment has one key word in it…power! That means the power to choose who you want to be on this holiday. Don’t let the social constructs affect your Halloween costumes; be the strong, beautiful woman that you are, in whatever costume you want.” Enough said.

9. Because Confidence is the Sexiest Quality

Think of Sandy from Grease. She dressed in leather pants, a black shirt and wore red lipstick, but her confidence is what made her sexy. “Feeling sexy is about having confidence in yourself, not about what you wear on Halloween,” said Florida International University sophomore Juliette Weiniger. Confidence isn’t determined by what you wear on Halloween. October 31 is just another day to prove that you’re comfortable in your own skin on the other 364 days of the year. You don’t need a slutty bunny costume to make you feel that way.

Student, passionate writer, addicted to ice vanilla lattes, obsessed with Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc. and a senior studying Communication and Creative Writing at Florida State University.

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