Sex Positions: What’s Your Flavor?

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Let’s get down and dirty. Or do you like a little teasing before you get to the point? Whatever your preference may be, we all have one thing in common and let’s be honest about it: we all love sex. Or we love the idea of sex, for those who have yet to find that magical partner. We’re young, we’re human and so we’re constantly looking for the satisfaction that comes with the release of endorphins in our brain.

Sex isn’t the only way to get that rush, but with all the positions that are possible, it definitely may be the most fun. That’s probably why college students get so excited when it comes to talking about it. So what positions do your peers find themselves in when the doors close and the clothes come off?

“I like when girls ride on me. It’s just relaxing.” -Nana, senior at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

“I like legs on shoulders because I’m doing less work and it feels good…plus, it’s deep.” –Kelly, freshman at James Madison University

“I like the guy on top because of the angle and I like feeling close to him being face to face.” -Kelsey, junior at the University of Pittsburgh.

“Probably doggy because you get [it] hard and fast…or slow. You feel it go all the way in and out and it’s a good angle.” -Sarah, sophomore at Shippensburg University.

“I like to go with the good ol’ traditional missionary. It’s better and more intimate when you’re ‘making love.’” -Olivia, freshman at James Madison University.

“I’ve always been a dominant person so positions like back shots and the drill have been my favorite. If I’m up and energetic, any position where I’m dominant is good, like having the chick on the sink or bent over the sink. It depends on your mood though. When you’re in a relaxed kind of mood, the reverse cowgirl is a favorite. Positions that counter my dominance are also a huge turn on.” -Niiamo, senior at Lincoln University.

If you want to get the best out of the experience, try switching it up. You don’t have to do anything too crazy, but try to break out at least three different positions to spice it up and find which one works best for you. The most popular position in the U.S. is the missionary. That’s nice and romantic, but doesn’t always do the trick, especially for women.

For a better sensation and a heightened feeling of adventurousness, positions like woman-on-top, doggy style and side-by-side are perfect. If you feel like you’ve tried it all and you’re looking for something new, try positions like the wheelbarrow or the intersextion. There are plenty of phone apps and resources where you can find enough new positions to keep you plenty occupied.

It doesn’t matter if you like to stick to the basics or you’re Indiana Jones in the boudoir, as long as you’re enjoying it. Just remember some fundamental tips: don’t feel obligated to do something you absolutely don’t want to, practice safe sex, don’t hurt yourselves, have fun and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do. That should leave the door wide open.

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