Sex or Textbooks?

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Textbooks can be a pain to carry around, especially on those days where breaks in-between classes are limited and there’s no time to stop at your dorm.  So what would you sacrifice if it meant not carrying around textbooks all day at school?

The education software company, Kno, asked college students this question in a recent market survey, and found some interesting results. Here are a few responses:

-About 20 percent said they’d give up dating for a year.

-28 percent said they’d have their parents visit every other weekend for a year.

-34 percent said they’d prefer to stay in every Saturday night for a semester, or to take 8 a.m. classes every day.

-50 percent said they’d eat boxed macaroni-and-cheese for a month.

-71 percent said they’d use digital textbooks.

-And finally… one in four students said they’d give up sex for a year.


What would YOU say?


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