Sex Ed: The Naughty Parts

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Let’s get to it. Blue balls doesn’t only happen to men, Porn is enjoyed by all, Ball Sacks and Breasts are worth playing with and insecurities are shared. This is going to get technical. Welcome to the footnotes of Sex Ed.

Blue Balls meet Blue Vulva

Largely thought as a phenomenon only for the male sex, blue balls is the reason why Sally gave Johnny a hand job. Right? Cause it hurt so much? Right Johnny? Well fun fact: women can have the moment of a quiver and ache as well. Blue Balls (vulva) is the very simply when one is at the peak of sexual stimulation but does not ejaculate. The key element: blood is pumped through the arteries to the genital area while the nearby veins constrict to keep the blood there. As a result the male penis becomes erect and the women’s vagina is swollen and lubricated. Normally after an orgasm for both sexes, the body quickly returns to it’s natural state. However, if there is no moan, goofy face, strong grip, last thrust: no orgasm… it takes a bit longer for the body to relax to its natural state. The blood that is trapped in the testicles take on a bluish tint (hence “blue” balls) and the blood in the vagina make’s it largely sensitive. The cure? It’s a short-lived feeling; you’re just waiting for the blood to drain out.  If you’re impatient- cold shower or some handy work of your own should do the trick.

Porn, meet Erotica

Girls enjoy porn. Just in case any guy out there was wondering, they do. At sleep over’s after the pillow fight in our under garments we sit and eat ice cream while discussing the best porn out there. Remember, the biggest sex organ in the body is the Brain; that being said, women typically being more psychological than men, often choose Erotica (arguably the same as porn, but differing in it’s soft core nature and includes the art of literature) for sexual stimulation. The story line is important. From the various conversations I’ve had in regard to this, it’s been the common theme that the pizza delivery boy coming over and all of a sudden engaging in sex –doesn’t get it up for us (and maybe for some guys too). Ya know what I mean? There is a reason why 50 Shades of Grey was a big deal, albeit the story line was poorly written, but the point it is – there was a story line.

Ball Sacks (Might) Need Attention Too

People want to be touched during sex. This is an ear bite, linger at the neck, taste of a shoulder, beads of sweat, push and pull, body-entangled, hands everywhere situation. More or less, not much is off limits. Keeping Freudian theories aside, the breasts are for everyone; guys get to play with them and women are so sensitive having the right touch (or taste) can evoke a moan-at the least. But, what about the fellow man?  According to my sources, this is something that varies. While one guy is looking for the caress of the balls- another doesn’t even want an attempt of it just in case you press a little too firmly. Good thing there is this lovely thing called communication. Ask about it, they might –ironically- not have the balls to request it.

Shared Insecurities

 Guys are just as self-conscience about their body as girls are. They might not have the Dove advertisements to prove it, but it is a very true story that is often untold.  Keep this in mind ladies. With or without insecurities the largest form of comfort and/or flattery is wandering hands. You are in bed with someone. The body insecurity might be heightened but, isn’t it proof enough someone is lusting for you that you shouldn’t be? So some advice at the point of stark naked the only thing you have left to wear is confidence. And if you are getting the feeling your partner is reserved or insecure, give them no reason to think so, and use your hands to trace any and all the contours.   


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