Resume Tips and Tricks

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Consider your resume to be the first step toward landing the job of your dreams. Don’t mess it up.

Use correct spelling.

Double check. Triple check. Have your mom check. The resume is a reflection of you as a business professional, so its execution should be flawless. Poor spelling will make you stand out…in a very bad way. Would you hire someone who has “leadershit positions” written on their resume?

Be Succinct.

According to Legal Authority, a legal consulting and employment company, employers spend 20 seconds on average looking at your resume. Sending a text message, ordering a Chipotle burrito or writing on someone’s Facebook wall could take 20 seconds.

Choose your words carefully.

Action verbs, like “create,” “manage,” “spearhead,” or “implement” convey leadership or initiative at a past or current job. Carefully chosen words bring you to life on paper.  The thesaurus is your friend, but don’t go overboard using words like “proliferate,” “contrive,” “actuate” or “engender” to describe your accomplishments. You’ll sound obnoxious and you don’t want anyone reaching for a dictionary. Again: 20 seconds.

Above all, be honest.

Touting your role as an intern on Capitol Hill is important if you’re completely factual and truthful with your experiences. Potential employers may contact people you’ve worked with to confirm information or ask questions about your performance. Maintaining a level of integrity in your resume is critical, so be honest in representing yourself.

Reaching out to your campus career center also provides a great support network for resume building. Even if you think your resume is perfect, visit your career center. With a little hard work and some basic formatting skills, you can be confident about your resume at the upcoming career fair or interview.

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