Rachel Whitehurst: College Student and YouTube Star

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She goes to classes, participates in several on-campus clubs and, oh yeah, she’s a YouTube celebrity.

Rachel Whitehurst is a 20-year-old junior at Millersville University who has taken the YouTube beauty community by storm, and has given no f*cks along the way.

“It all started when I got a new laptop with a webcam feature and I was bored in my dorm room so I decided to make a little video,” said Whitehurst, who is from Bucks County, Pa. “I was that girl who would beg for people to watch.”

Months after her first makeup tutorial video sans editing and with no professional lighting, Whitehurst uploaded a vlog that would soon change her life.  She watched from her dorm as “How a Jew Spends Christmas” went viral before her eyes.

“People from my hometown were calling me saying it was on their Facebook wall,” said Whitehurst.

To her friends, Whitehurst is a totally normal college student who swears and complains about homework. To her followers, she’s an online celebrity.

“It wasn’t until this year that I felt weird.  When I joined a club on campus people knew about my videos and would ask me questions about it. People who I don’t know come up to me on campus sometimes and that can be a little odd but I’m not going to get home schooled because I’m ‘too famous’ or anything,” she said, laughing.

Now, Whitehurst has the lighting, the HD camera and thousands of fans.

“It’s always funny to watch my friends’ reactions when people recognize me because they’re like, ‘it’s just you?’ And it really is just me,” said Whitehurst.

Her videos include makeup tips, reviews, rants, vlogs and even a cooking show with her boyfriend. Whitehurst balances college work with YouTube life by devoting the weekdays to studying and the weekends to uploading and filming.

“Most people sleep in really late on the weekends but even if I go out I’m up early the next morning filming a new video,” she said.

Watch just one of Whitehurst’s videos and you’ll realize something: the girl has a mouth like a sailor, and her fans love her for it.

“I have a really foul mouth and I’m mostly just talking out of my ass in my videos,” said Whitehurst. “I’m talking to them like I talk to my friends.”

Whitehurst said her doesn’t-give-a-f*ck attitude is real and that’s why people like it.

“People on YouTube are looking to be pleasant for all demographics like 13-year-olds in the beauty community,” she said. “As a 20-year-old I don’t give a sh*t because I didn’t think people would watch it let alone a 13-year-old. When I was 13 I was watching Full House.”

Whitehurst is also unique because she doesn’t fall prey to every sponsor offer that passes through her inbox.

“I did this to make anyone laugh who will listen, not to make money,” said Whitehurst. “People will try to get me to promote something like a toothbrush in my videos and I’m like, ‘how would I even do that?’”

For those who are too embarrassed to start a YouTube Channel, Whitehurst said screw the haters.

“As much as I say that I don’t give a f*ck, I give so many f*cks sometimes,” she said. “I have a whole website devoted to hating on me. You just need to focus on the positive.”

After graduation, Whitehurst hopes to take her blog to the next level.

“In an ideal world I’d love to make my blog more of my main source of income and actually write for it. I want my website to be popular and something that I’m proud of. We’ll see.”

Rachel’s Three Essential Makeup Items:

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette Original

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter “in whatever color tickles your fancy”

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara

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