Pretty Little Liars Preview: A Q&A with Bad Boy Caleb

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As the summer premiere draws nearer, it’s time for the next installment of College Magazine’s Pretty Little Liars preview, and ladies, this one’s for you. Tyler Blackburn plays resident bad boy/computer hacker/hottie Caleb, who steals Hannah’s heart, along with her virginity. Blackburn recently became a series regular (yay!), and told me all about the wonders of being a Rosewoodite.

You joined the cast once the show was already on the air. What has it been like working with everyone?

The show is really wonderful and you can tell that it’s a dream come true for the cast. We often film scenes separately, but I wish we could film more scenes altogether because we have a great time. It’s a lot of fun to be a part of the cast and I think that really comes through for the audience.

Caleb is a bad boy on the show. Do you relate to this image?

(Laughs) I think Caleb started out as a bad boy and he was pretty shady, but he has changed a lot. He was really mysterious, but now he’s in love and really cares about Hannah. He’s a different person, I think.

What’s the best thing about being on the show?

It’s really hard to pick one thing. It just all feels great because I’m living the dream. The fans drive the show and we’re all really appreciative of them and the fact that they helped make the show so successful.

How has your life changed since PLL became such a popular show?

It honestly hasn’t changed all that much because I try to keep my private and public lives separate. But when I get to an award show and girls are just screaming at me—that part is still pretty surreal.

You’re also a musician. How would you describe your sound and what inspires your music?

I love to listen to blues, blues/rock and pop/rock, but right now I’m still in exploration mode. ABC Family is letting me do some experimenting and record some tracks for their programming and promos, so that’s really exciting.

When you’re not filming or playing music, what do you like to do for fun?

I used to party a lot, but now I’ve calmed down a lot. I’m super normal and I just like to do casual things like go out to dinner. I love the long two-three hour dinners you could have with friends when time just flies by. I also like to listen to live music and I recently went hiking in Malibu—that was awesome.

Will we be seeing more of Caleb in future seasons? What’s going to happen between him and Hannah?

He’ll be around. I’m a series regular now so you’ll definitely see Caleb, but I think the audience might get a little frustrated with things that transpire.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the sound of that spoiler. Let’s hope those two don’t break up…
Season three of Pretty Little Liars premieres on ABC Family on June 5, 8PM EST, but here’s a treat to hold you over. Check out Blackburn’s new single, "A Way."


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