The Perfect Thank-You Note

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You just survived an interview with the Department of Homeland Security or the department chair from that high school you’ve always wanted to teach at. But a lot of students tend to skip the next step: the thank-you note. UMBC sophomore Anita Dey agrees. “I think most people these days are not as formal anymore.” Use this to your advantage—a chance to stand out. Compose a letter they won’t roll their eyes at or worse, instantly throw in the trash. Where to start? TABSE.  



Thank you: Thank the interviewer for meeting with you and relay your enthusiasm about the possibility of working for the organization you applied to. If this is a competitive position with numerous applicants, mention the date of your interview and the position for which you applied.
Admire: Maybe you met some very intelligent people. Maybe you were impressed by the workplace structure. Or maybe you fell in love with the workload a certain position demanded. Praise the company and make it believable.
Brag: Review your qualifications and what makes you the perfect candidate for the position. Briefly discuss why you would be successful. According to professional writer Alice Feathers, “You might want to mention an interesting topic or rewarding moment from your interview.”
Second chance: If you forgot to mention something during the interview or just thought of something else, here’s your chance. “This is…an opportunity to answer or further address any question you felt you didn’t cover well in the interview; the brilliance that occurred to you in the elevator ride down to your car after you left the office,” says author Christine Hassler. Don’t miss it again.
Echo: Thank your interviewer one more time for considering you for the position. Reiterate yourself as a valuable candidate and finally, let him or her know that you look forward to hearing back soon.  
Keep your note short and sweet…and sincere. No one wants to read three pages frosted with lies. And they will be able to tell. Remember to send your thank-you note within 24 hours of your interview. Good luck!



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