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 Rags to Riches By Kerry Weir > Jounior > English, Journalism > University of Alabama > Photo courtesy of Paramount

This Week’s Party Theme: Rags To Riches
This theme is a two-day event that lets you throw down country-style on the first night, then lavish in luxury at a “cocktail party” the following evening. It’s one weekend of partying, but the best of both worlds!

You’re Invited:
Any organization or group can partake, but make sure everyone can dedicate to both nights. This theme is all about location, location, location: Each night is usually held at a separate venue to make the parties feel more authentic. Host the Rags party outdoors–a field or barn is ideal–and your Riches party at an upscale bar or restaurant.
Celebration Necessities:
Go from "Dukes of Hazzard" to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by dressing for the occasion.
1. Rags: Scan local Goodwill and thrift stores to find cheap and funny "redneck" attire. Look for cutoff jean shorts, or make some of your own with an old pair of pants. Flannel shirts, cowboy or work boots and camouflage clothing fit the dress code.
Drinks and Décor: If you’re hosting Rags night at a barn or field (with the owner’s permission, of course) use hay bales for seating and wood scraps for tables. Kegs of cheap beer are the drink of choice. Blast country music all night—no one’s judging.
“I liked feeling like a country bumpkin for one night of my life,” University of Alabama junior Caroline Bendin said.
2. Riches: This part of the event is simply fabulous, darling! Wear cocktail attire that channels a 60s starlet or a Wall Street tycoon. Find plenty of faux pearls, diamonds, feathers and furs as accessories—guys should invest in a top hat or bowtie to go with a flashy suit. 
Drinks and Décor: If you’re not having the Riches night in a restaurant or bar, mix your own fancy cocktails or buy some champagne. You can spend as much—or as little—as you choose. Play swing music from the 1940s, or retro 50s and 60s tunes.
“I love it when people go with the 60’s theme on riches night,” said University of Alabama junior Chapman Rice, who is also social chair for her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. “It makes the whole party seen more luxurious and different than just a cocktail party.”
Party Preparations:
It’s important to get an idea of who will attend so that you can prepare for the two-day event. Making a list that lets invitees and their dates RSVP for the party eliminates the stress of uncertainty. The sooner you have your venues booked, the sooner you can start planning your trashy-to-classy transition.

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