25 Times Parks and Rec Told the Truth About College

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Beyond the questionable meal plan food or the drooling during lecture, all college students share the same common ground—their love for Parks and Recreation. You can never go wrong with rewatching Leslie Knope vacuuming up a waffle at JJ’s Diner or crying laughing when the gang gets drunk at the grimy Snake Lounge. To get through the woes of getting that degree without going completely mad from sleep deprivation, students love those Parks and Rec binge sessions. It not only soothes our souls to watch our favorite characters, but it also makes us realize how much we can relate to them. Yes, we can even relate our college struggles to Gary/Jerry/Larry.

Why We Love It

“The show is very relatable. It’s not like every other scripted show where unrealistic things happen. It shows a job that some people hate and some love, people who slack and people who strive, and it’s very relatable to my actual desk job. Leslie Knope is my fav because I myself am awkward and love parks.” – Courtney Deviney, University of Florida, junior

“I love Parks and Rec because in its seven seasons it has managed to reference a large majority of the human experience without needing to become dark, brooding or existentialist. In a world where many shows seek seriousness to get the message across, Parks and Rec uses absurdity and humor. Parks and Rec puts real, flawed characters in front of situations that matter to them in their given world and lets us watch them struggle.” – Sophie Patterson, University of California, Los Angeles, sophomore

“Ron Swanson is a cool human being, but at the same time, he defines an American. #BuffetsRule.” –   Nadira Guerrero, UF, sophomore

“So what I like about it is the friendships between the coworkers in the small town of Pawnee. They’re such a close-knit group and really funny. I also love Leslie’s kind heart and how she always tries to do the right thing in the most hilarious ways. And you can’t help but laugh at good ol’ Ron Swanson. You just gotta love that man and his hilariously traditional manly ways.” – Yasmeen Brooks, University of Maryland, College Park, sophomore

“I loved the show because it finds a way to bring everyday characters into not so every day circumstances, allowing relatable people to respond and react to subtle blunder. The other reason I loved the show is because it manages to convey these events while bringing comedy, romance, wit and surprise to the table, allowing for the perfect combination of elements to keep a viewer satisfied, yet thirsty for more. I like to think of myself as a cheesy romantic, and what is more romantic than talking about purchasing a marshmallow gun to pummel your wife with?” – Ridge Peterson, UF, recent grad

25 Parks and Rec Gifs That Describe College Life

1. When you hear, “How’s college so far?”

2. When the professor says: “This a group project heavy course so you should get acquainted to the people sitting next to you.

3. When the campus bookstore runs out of the book you need

4. When you’re thinking about everything that’s due tomorrow

5. When class gets cancelled

6. When you get a D on an exam you studied so hard for

7. When you take a break after writing your name on your research paper

8. When you’re in hour 20 of studying for finals

9. When you’re dealing with the swarm of people passing out flyers on campus

8. When you’re struggling to make food as an #Adult

9. When a freshman tries to take over the group project

10. When your grandma asks if you have a BF

11. When you have this #Relatable thought

12. When you’re presenting your group project

13. When you’ve finished the first paragraph of your paper

14. When you see a Valentine’s Day flyer

15. When an interviewer says, “So tell me about yourself.”

16. When you’re trying to avoid the doctor all four years

17. When you’re walking by the gym

18. When its 2 a.m. on a Friday night

19. When you look at your GPA and bank account

20. When you send a risky text and they don’t respond

21. When a professor says, “I don’t curve grades.”

22. When someone asks if they can copy your notes

23. When you grocery shop without your mom for the first time

24. When you’re wondering why you’re taking this elective

25. When you turn in your reason for your absence from class

Rachel is a sophomore at the University of Florida. She is currently majoring in English with a passion for film. Her favorite pastime is laughing at her own jokes.

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