The One Where Finals Ended!

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By Amanda DeLuise> Junior> Journalism> New York University

This is me.
I finished all of my finals yesterday!  Except for one lousy ten page paper that I’m avoiding like the plague for my German Thought and Culture class.  It’s not even difficult, it has to be written in english and it’s a pretty easy A (I think, so far I’ve gotten A’s on even the worst papers I’ve written for this class).  I just don’t feel like doing it because I’ve been too busy celebrating and wanting to go home (Saturday! Only two more days of work…).  It’s been quite a semester.  A bad one.  Anyway, hopefully everyone else is done soon!  If you are, here are some ways you can reward yourself: 

Go see a movie. Now that you don’t have to lock yourself in the library, use the 2+ hours locked in a movie theatre. GO SEE BLACK SWAN.  Especially if you’re a psych major of you know anything about Freud’s "The Uncanny".

Eat real food. Take a break from that all-ramen diet and go somewhere with a wait staff.
Go see a show. Even if you’ve never heard of the band, go dance out all the excess stress.  Plus a little human interaction with people you’ve never seen before can be good.  Since I’m sure you’re sick of your study group after seeing them night after night for an entire week.
Bake something.  Then eat it. My friend Tina and I did this last night.  It was nice to share some holiday goodies with my roommates.  The rest of the cookies are for a holiday party I’m attending tonight, if they last that long…
and finally…
Have a drink! If you’re old enough! Treat yourself to that $10 martini you’ve had your eye on all semester.  There’s a reason it costs so much: it’s awesome.  And it doesn’t taste like free cups of jungle juice at a frat house.



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