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NBC Universal offers internships through its Campus 2 Career program. You can intern in TV programming, accounting and everything in between. It’s a highly competitive program but it worth it. You’ll gain realistic experience and networking connections for a lifetime.

What it’s actually like

NBC Universal treats you like a part of the team during your internship. “NBC was my first internship experience where they really let me do things – writing stories about things I liked such as entertainment and sports, cutting videos, and going out first hand to research stories,” said Josh Axelrod, 2013-14 Web Intern.

Cool stuff you get to do

“There were so many fun perks that came with the internship. I went to a food truck festival, reviewed the Book of Mormon at the prestigious Kennedy Center before it even came out, and went to a Washington Nationals baseball game for free,” said Axelrod. With great responsibility comes great fun. In addition to making you feel like a real contributor, your tasks and projects will also keep you thoroughly entertained.

What you will learn

You will learn from your fellow interns and the talented staff members, but you will also learn the old-fashion way: hands-on. The experience of researching and writing stories yourself will push you to grow and sharpen your journalistic skills. The internship simulates the daily life of NBC staff members so well that you will also learn whether or not this is the field for you. “[The experience] personally reaffirmed that it’s what I wanted to do,” said Axelrod.

How to prepare for your application

Show that you are already working to improve your skillset. Display experience and passion in your field, whether it’s working for college publications on or off campus or through other internships. “Before I interned at NBC, I rose in the ranks to become the Editor in Chief at College Magazine, I wrote for my college newspaper, and I interned for a newswire in DC…You have four years in college, don’t waste your time. You need to get involved in this industry if you want to go somewhere in it,” explained Axelrod.

Skills that impress them

“Being a jack of all trades,” impresses the staff at NBC, said Axelrod. The NBC associates notice people who have more than just a wrench or two in their toolbox. “If you can edit, if you can write, if you can cut video, if you have ideas – they will like that. They want to see productivity.”

Cool perks

Saying you get to work for NBC is a huge perk in itself. The random celeb sightings aren’t so bad, either. Random famous people affiliated with NBC are seen often and “Meet the Press” is filmed in the same building. On top of that, they’ll cover your baseball tickets!

The deets

Pay of $9/hour

Hours vary: 10-32 hours/week depending on time of year

NBC Universal internship applications are available online.

Open to sophomores and older

Graduated interns will have the opportunity to be offered permanent positions at NBC after the internship


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I am a student, track-athlete and writer originally from Seattle, WA. A sophomore majoring in Business with a minor in Journalism at the University of Notre Dame.

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