Midterm Madness

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As college students, we all know how hectic mid-term week can be, with barely getting any hours of sleep, overdosing on caffeine and seriously stressing. It can be tough to balance study time during this crazy week, but somehow we get through it. Whether it’s by spending hours at the library, forming study groups, or getting tutoring, we all have our own ways of surviving this stressful week.

At the beginning of the semester, most professors hand out a syllabus with exam dates. Mark your calendar: knowing when your exams are is the first step. By doing so, it makes it easier to map out study time and figure out your exam schedule and mentally prepare.

When studying for exams, make sure to study effectively. Whether it’s studying by yourself, making study guides, or studying with a study group, figuring out good study habits is key. Take study breaks in between. Eat healthy snacks, stay hydrated and take some time to relax. Going to the gym and exercising are great ways to relieve stress and get away from the library.

If you have to pull an all-nighter, make sure to drink coffee or energy drinks to keep you awake. If you have time, try to get at least a couple hours of sleep. On exam day, make sure to eat a big breakfast to fuel your body for the big day ahead. Stay calm and try to read the instructions of each test so that you don’t make any mistakes that could end up costing you.   

Different things work for different people. After your first mid-term, you will become better at managing your time and studying. The first mid-term might be hell, but as long as you organize your time effectively, the ones after won’t be as bad.

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