Mercyhurst University Men’s Ice Hockey New Media Intern

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Mercyhurst University Men’s Ice Hockey New Media  Intern–Erie, PA

What it’s Actually Like

An new media internship with a hockey team needs someone to match the fast-paced, high-energy of the sport. “You really need to be interested in all aspects of the game of hockey… You’re going to end up watching a lot of hockey,” Mercyhurst sophomore business communications major Isaac Berg said. As new media interns learn to keep up with the sport, they pack on some extra muscle after carrying around cameras, tripods, microphones and their Macbook on the daily. Get ready to lace up your skates and immerse yourself into hockey for at least 12 hours a week.

Cool Stuff You Get to Do

If you love photography, videography and social media, consider this the perfect internship for you. If you’ve always wanted to get to know the players under the helmets, consider this heaven. “I think it’s pretty cool that we’re considered part of the team,” Mercyhurst junior Communications major Haleigh Giebel said. “Mercyhurst is a good character team and make the hockey atmosphere much better.” In addition to calling the games, interns conduct interviews with players and coaches for pregame–not that kind of pregame. But you can still get hype as you create graphics and pick the best music to get fans pumped up for the game.

What You’ll Learn

On the shooting side, interns learn to create the perfect stand up shot for player and coach interviews as well as set up cameras for the games. But this is a new media internship, after all, so while interns work with any software they prefer, you’ll get accustomed to using Adobe Premiere Pro in the control room. Once you learn to shoot, edit and publish your own footage, watch your readership and viewership explode, especially after a big game. Imagine the feeling of seeing yourself scrolling through your Twitter feed where the local news retweeted a photo you took during the game. You better bet you’ll be there to capture all the cheers of fans, cellies of the players and even the stats of the game. Also, if you’re not like the rest of us and can’t function without coffee, get ready. During the games, interns and full-time employees work alongside each other in the press box, which always has complementary Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnut holes. Yum!

How to Prepare for Your Application

Don’t bother updating your CV and resume because this new media internship doesn’t require them. However, get ready for a professional, sit-down interview with coaches. Walk into that interview with a vision to show the team and coaches you’re worth the investment. Remind them that you want to get the most experience from your time working with them, too. If you have a fear of public speaking, consider stocking up on oral or professional communication classes to strengthen your weak spot. “It’s important to be outgoing and willing to do interviews with the players and coaches,” Giebel said. “Your videos and articles will turn out better and become more natural as you start to form connections with them.” A great new media intern shows no fear on game days. Don’t have time for a semester’s worth of classes? Grab a mirror and talk to yourself.

Skills that Impress Them

Your strongest asset: creativity. Fans at home count on students in the new media internship to set the scene for every hockey game. Mike Lange, one of the most iconic broadcasters in the National Hockey League, shared what he looks for in an announcer. “It’s important to develop your own personality on-air,” Lange said. “Once you have that, and with practice, the rest will come easy.” So grab your favorite coffee mug, a prolific script and, most importantly, high energy to keep the fans entertained.

Cool Perks

New media interns never miss a faceoff because they call the game from the press box right above the middle of the ice. Some interviews even take place on the ice, so a good pair of slip-resistant shoes might be something to ask for this year as a holiday present. And because interns are considered part of the team, get your road trip snacks ready for a ride anywhere between two and eight hours eight hours away–like the one to Holy Cross. Free trips (that include free pizza), capturing off-campus footage and a creating story to bring back to folks at home sounds like a pretty great new media internship to me. But this job gets even better. You get to see your work published online. Just wait for the day you walk through the Grotto Commons or down by the PAC and someone says “you’re the girl (or guy) from Hurst Insider.” You’re finally #famous.

The Deets

  • Record game details live on-air.
  • You work about 12 to 15 hours a week. Sometimes more if a lot of footage needs editing or transcribing.
  • Lulu Lemon leggings and your no-fail crop top won’t score here. Break your most profesh outfit.
  • Prepare to make long-lasting friendships. Whether it’s the coaches, players, even professionals from local news organizations, you get to meet a lot of cool people.

Stay updated on future opportunities with Mercyhurst’s hockey internships.

Noël Blackhall is a senior at Mercyhurst University studying Broadcast Journalism in Erie, PA. When it's not covered in five feet of snow, you can find her playing with dogs at local shelters or out on the court dancing for the Mercyhurst Dance Team.

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