Making the Most of Your Snow Day

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Remember when the anticipation of a snow day rivaled Christmas morning? You would wear your pajamas inside out, stick a spoon under your pillow, flush an ice cube down the toilet, leg drop a snow globe or any other ridiculous superstition that encourages confetti from the North Pole. Snow days have transformed from joyous days of lounging on the loveseat with marshmallow-filled hot chocolate to gifts from Father Winter that allow you extra hours to improve your academics.

Reading is food for the mind
“I don’t like the snow so I usually curl up with a book,” senior at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Amanda Zielinski said. “Daytime TV is nothing but soap operas, so catching up on a good book is perfect.”  

Build for the future
According to Bob Cole, sophomore at Bloomsburg University, snow days are opportunities to work the kinks out of your resume. “I’m always too busy to update my resume,” Cole said. “Snow days provide me with a reprieve from the daily workload so I can focus on adding references and writing cover letters.”

Extra test prep
Despite the wintry distractions, Bridget Koval, freshman at Villanova University, buckles down for some extra studying. “Sure it isn’t fun, but it comes in handy during test time,” Koval said.

Cashing in
Andy Collins, sophomore at Aria Health School of Nursing, prefers some physical activity rather than hitting the books. Shoveling since he was a child, Collins thinks of snow days as pay days. “Oh, I don’t charge,” Collins said. “I tell customers to pay what they think. The average is about $5-$7, and sometimes $10 if they need the driveway shoveled. I started shoveling because every one in my neighborhood is around 60 years old, but these days I do it for school expenses.”

Collins offers some tips for students interested in picking up that shovel. “Never work alone, dress lightly because you'll work up your own heat and use proper equipment.”

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