In the Library Stacks: Getting Inventive About Doing the Deed

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Ellis Sant’Andrea>Senior>Journalism and Communication Design>University of Connecticut

Don’t be surprised next time you walk past your dorm’s maintenance closet and hear rhythmic thuds coming from inside. It’s probably two lusty students who got bored with having sex in the same old squeaky, twin-sized bed.

Having sex in odd locations is a common fantasy, especially among college students whose sex drives are at their peaks.

A 2007 report released by the University of Minnesota Boynton Health Service found that 71.1 percent of students had been sexually active within the past 12 months.

Mel*, a senior at the University of Connecticut, cited her dorm’s recycling room as a favorite place to get away from ever-present roommates when she and her boyfriend were feeling feisty. “The recycling room locks,” she said with a grin.

Kathy*, also a senior at the University of Connecticut, said her apartment complex’s laundry room was the strangest place she’d done the deed. If given the opportunity, Kathy said she would take her man to “an airplane . . . or a restaurant men’s room . . . or the back of a taxi . . . or the quiet floor in the library!”

But does having sex in non-traditional locations really make it better?

“It’s so in the moment. It doesn’t matter where you are, it’s just about the two of you,” said Kathy.

“Sometimes it’s like, ‘Woohoo! We can get caught!’” said Mel. But “sometimes it’s awkward,” she said.

Brian*, a senior at Housatonic Community College, wants to do it in the Dean’s Office. “Somewhere cool and badass like that,” he said. But for the most part, he’ll “go with the flow—wherever it happens, it happens,” he said.

A 4 a.m. encounter on the steps of the Odéon Theater in Paris is where Brendan, a senior at the University of Connecticut, said was the most bizarre place he’d had sex.

Out of all the places on the UConn campus, Brendan said he would someday like to get it on atop the bench next to the school’s Jonathan the Husky mascot statue. Apparently, Brendan’s not alone—rumor has it Jonathan has witnessed many-a-student make love beneath his cast-iron paws.

If your sex life is getting mundane, grab your lover and go to the library. Ask where the “Mosses and Liverworts” section is. Chances are, you two will be the only ones there. How romantic….

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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