Let’s Celebrate: End Of Finals Rituals

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Here we go everybody: it’s crunch time. And then when it’s all said and done and all of the cards have been laid on the table…it’s time to party! But not just yet people; slow it down. First we need to finish these exams and thenparty down and do our thing. Most students have a specific ritualized thing they like to do once they finish that last final exam. Check out these student rituals and feel free to leave a comment with what you like to do after you destroy that last beast of an exam:
“I pack up my car before my last exam and then as soon as I am done taking it I squeal tires when leaving town.”
Alli Elliott, Frostburg State University, Junior
"When it comes to finals week there are two options to what I would do once they are over. If I am staying on campus for the night I just kick back with some friends and enjoy some video games or a movie. If I go home right after finals are over, then it is definitely NHL 12 and Modern Warfare 3 all day and night."
Mitchell Stein, University of Pittsburgh, Sophomore
I usually treat myself to Panera after a really tough exam. There's something about a cinnamon crunch bagel that is just so perfect.”
Julie Mangurten, Penn State, Sophomore
“To celebrate the end of finals, I like to go out for a big meal, something really special like Fogo de Chao or Mongolian Barbecue. Then I'll catch up on the TV and Youtube videos that I missed while I was busy studying. I also like to do a lap around the quad jumping and shouting with excitement. Finally, I'll proudly walk to the bookstore and return all of the textbooks I rented, while proudly throwing away all of the readings and homework that I don't want to hold onto.”
Jake Gillis, American University, Sophomore
My end-of-finals ritual is to head straight home to Pittsburgh after my last final and get dessert with my friends from home. There's nothing like ice cream to help me recover from days of studying and stress.”
 – Carrie Blazina, Kent State, Sophomore
Getting home and getting together with my friends and waiting till the grade is posted online and if I passed I drink in celebration and if I failed I drink in depression.”
Jack Biller, Frostburg State University, Senior
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