Lacy or Racy?

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By Jennifer Davis

Lingerie as clothing seems to be popping up everywhere. I see it sometimes on campus and out on the town, and it can be either tasteful or not so tasteful… but regardless of the circumstance, I find myself just as drawn to this racy trend as the next girl. If done right there is an ability to look both demure and sexy, which is an odd combination, yes, but the ability to show some skin, while still being covered up is the reason the trend earns these two contrasting adjectives. Two main looks come to mind when I think of this trend, one, the lacy top, and two, the bustier.

The lacy top: wear with care and wear everywhere. I’m serious, you actually can! To wear a lace shirt during the day, you can wear a nude bra and show a little skin, or if you want to be on the more conservative side, you can wear a tank top underneath. Both will work during the day. Wear either a black, cream or white lace top, and pair with a some jean shorts, a cute belt and sandals, and for when it gets cooler, a cute day time outfit would be a lacy top, jeggings, boots and an army green jacket, military or anorak style. For an evening out, I would suggest not wearing a tank top at all. It’s a little bold, but it looks great.

The Bustier: not just for the bedroom. I remember seeing Emma Watson wearing a bustier to a music festival this summer, and I thought, that’s a little daring for the day, but you know what, it works. This is a little more complicated to wear during the day than a lace top, but if you are feeling super fashion forward, just make sure that everything else you’re wearing is super casual, and not too tight or revealing. At night, you can either wear the bustier with a flowy skirt or a pair of jeans and heels.

So go forth, and be saucy.

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