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Kennesaw State University—Kennesaw, Georgia

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What it Feels Like to Go Here

Kennesaw State University makes the Appalachians of northern Georgia stand even taller with pride for the large research-based institution. KSU boasts two state-of-the-art campuses: one in Kennesaw, Georgia and one in Marietta. Since each campus lies only an hour drive away from Atlanta, students can enjoy the highlights of living close to a big city without some of the stress that comes with actually living in one. With around 38,000 students, Kennesaw State University calls itself the fourth largest college in Georgia.

Although a large student body can provide a fun, bustling campus with lots of people and even more to do, it does show some drawbacks. “Kennesaw State University has way too many students. Good luck trying to find somewhere to park. The parking is horrible because of all the students here,” KSU junior Azariah Dewar said. However, if fighting with your fellow students over parking spaces doesn’t sound like a big deal, Kennesaw State University could work for you.

KSU students love living healthy and active lifestyles, too. “For fun at KSU, we play club sports. I myself am in the Ultimate Frisbee club and the running club,” KSU sophomore Kyle Madison said. The brand new rec center gives students the opportunity to try out cool activities they probably couldn’t partake in otherwise, like rock climbing and water basketball. They especially like playing outdoor sports on The Green, a beautifully spacious field in the middle of KSU’s campus.

Awesome Alumni

If you want to know about the great success and amazing accomplishments of Kennesaw State University grads, just ask notable alumni Ryan Seacrest and Willie Harris. After graduating from KSU, Seacrest rose to fame as a host on the popular reality show American Idol in the early 2000s. Now, he hosts his own radio show and executively produces a number of reality shows, such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Willie Harris went on to become an amazing MLB player, serving as the outfielder and second baseman for a number of baseball teams, including the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox. Either way, KSU alumni constantly hit the ball out of the park.

Where We Hang

A big school usually comes with an even bigger athletics department, so everyone at KSU loves to go to sporting events. KSU boasts a super strong athletics department, supported by students and faculty alike. With 17 NCAA Division 1 programs, students enjoy themselves at a number of campus sporting events like football games, golf tournaments or soccer matches. Because of the popularity of sports and athletics on campus, Kennesaw State students enjoy tailgating and showing school spirit on game days. If you appreciate watching a good baseball game or prefer to play in the game yourself, consider becoming a KSU Owl. Another popular activity Kennesaw State students enjoy lies at Brunswick Zone XL Kennesaw. As a fully equipped entertainment center, you can play laser tag, bowling and even splurge at the arcade. Balling on a budget? No problem. “College Night” Thursdays allow students to rent shoes and enjoy unlimited bowling for $11 after 9 p.m. Students also love to travel down to Atlanta for a fun-filled weekend. There’s plenty of clubs and bars for KSU students to frequent, the most popular of which are most likely on the infamous Edgewood Avenue.


1. How much are students partying?

“KSU is one of the biggest party schools in the entire state of Georgia, so I’d say that students here like to party a lot,” freshman Darren Cox said.

2. What will you get in trouble for at your school?

“The same stuff that gets you in trouble at other schools, I guess. Cheating, skipping classes, stuff like that. KSU isn’t crazy strict or anything,” sophomore Kaylee Tan said. 

3. How much sex are students having? How is safe sex encouraged on campus?

“I think most people on campus are probably having sex. Everyone knows how sexually active college students are, especially administration. They offer plenty of sexual health services, like handing out condoms and brochures about STIs. Students can even get tested through Student Health Services. It’s pretty great,” junior Tiffany Kuutti said.

4. What would you tell incoming freshmen about your school?

“The Week of Welcome is a week-long event geared towards every KSU student and the opportunities, events and resources they need to be successful in the upcoming year. Take advantage of it,” senior Adrianna Gordey said.

5. What do you do for fun on campus?

“At Kennesaw State University, students have over 125 different clubs and activities to participate in. My top three picks for students at KSU are lying around in hammocks around ‘The Green’ trying local and freshly harvested foods from local farms and businesses in the cafeteria and KSU Basketball games,” sophomore Jessica Williamson said.

Student Reviews

“Kennesaw State University is simply amazing because it has helpful professors who want their students to learn and not just get an ‘A’ in your classes but gain knowledge of the classes. It is the only university that has a software engineering major with four year bachelor’s degree. Kennesaw State University has given me great opportunities to succeed in my career to obtain experience through volunteer work, internships and jobs.” – Samuel Downs, Class of 2018

“KSU is a great school with friendly students and helpful professors. Their programs prepare you for the real world by teaching you presentation skills, networking, studying abroad, as well as requiring an internship in your field of study.” – Alicia Barnes, Class of 2020

“The Dean, faculty and staff prioritize student needs, making for a highly desirable atmosphere. Kennesaw State University is where you go to learn from the best, to become the best.” – Patrick Carroll, Class of 2016

“This is a promising university with so many opportunities to get internships and jobs before graduation. I absolutely love the English Department here.” – Connor Sutton, Class of 2019 

“One of my biggest issues I noticed as a freshman was that all of KSU’s smaller departments, such as parking and transportation, dining, housing and more are poorly run. They change things as large as bus names and routes and do not notify the students or faculty/staff” – Daniel Wilson, Class of 2018

 Top 3 Majors:

1. Business/Management/Marketing

2. Computer and Information Sciences

3. Communications/Journalism

top 3 most Popular Student Organizations


Ten-hut! Kennesaw State’s ROTC club gives cadets and students the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills by developing activities and programs that help make KSU a better place, such as commemorating Veteran’s Day with a fly-in by an Army Blackhawk. Pretty awesome, right?  “We invite all area veterans to join us to celebrate the Army’s Year of the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and honor them for their dedication to training and leading soldiers beneath their rank,” said Gary B. Roberts, ROTC faculty advisor and veteran of the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.

2. Active Minds of Kennesaw State

Maintaining good mental health and wellness remains an enormous aspect of college life today. KSU’s Active Minds, a grass-roots student-led organization, maintains the mission to elevate good mental health on campus as well as eliminate the stigma and walls of silence surrounding mental illness. It advocates for the fair and equal treatment of students with mental illness while educating the masses of the realities of mental illness and mental health. Along with hosting weekly meetings at which members may discuss any issue or challenge they currently face, Active Minds also offers counseling resources to students that need it. “I appreciate having a safe space to go to when I’m feeling depressed or overwhelmed. I appreciate knowing that Active Minds has my back,” sophomore Ashley Meeks said.

3. Campus Renewal Ministries

KSU makes sure to support the various religious communities on campus. Campus Renewal Ministries encourages students of Christian and non-Christian faiths to unite in the name of campus unification and love. Its primary goals include connecting students to a ministry on campus through initiating relationships with campus ministers/pastors and hosting a weekly gathering for them, and to teach students how to live out their faith in the communities available on campus. “Our intention is to share the love of Christ with students, as well as invite them to our annual community event, FOCUS,” KSU junior Megan McClary said.

Getting In

Applying to college ranks highly among some of the most stressful events that can happen in someone’s life. Lucky for you, Kennesaw State makes the process super simple. KSU seriously considers students’ previous academic achievements when deciding which students to admit. The most important factors include your academic GPA in high school as well as your scores on standardized tests, like the SAT and ACT. Thankfully, extracurricular activities and other nonacademic factors do not carry as much weight with Kennesaw State, so no need to panic if your resume looks a little skimpy. For KSU, well-roundedness and a strong desire to learn supersedes any club or organization you joined in high school.


Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

Tuition and Fees: In-State: $7,432 Out-of-State: $21,158

Total Cost on Campus: In-State: $18,112 Out-of-State: $31, 838

Undergrads Enrolled: 35,000

Grads Enrolled: 2,500

Total Enrolled: 37,500

Acceptance Percentage: 59%

Percent Admitted who Enroll: 64%

Percentage of Male Students: 51.9%

Percentage of Female Students: 48.1%

Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 97.1%

Percentage Receiving Federal Grants: 54.1%

Percentage Receiving Federal Loans: 61%

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