How to Impress Your Interviewer Before Even Opening Your Mouth

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First impressions can be scary, and according to the Association for Psychological Science, you only have 1/10 of a second to make your first impression.  Follow College magazine’s tips to blow your interviewer out of the water!



Little did you know, you may have already made your first impression. UC Davis Human Resources explains that many companies will call to speak with you before even scheduling an interview to “pre-screen” you.” Yes, this means that you have already used your 1/10 of a second. However, if you scored an interview, then you have clearly already made a good impression, so when you walk into the office, exude confidence. explains that to prepare for your interview, you should study up! You want “to get a better handle on the ‘big picture.’” Make sure you know about the company you are applying to, the interviewer’s position, and a bit about the company’s competitors as well.
Before arriving for your interview make sure that you dress to impress. It is never good to be under-dressed for an interview, so be sure to wear slacks, a button-down, and a tie if you are a guy. Girls should pair either a button down shirt or dressy blouse with slacks or a skirt. In order to be taken seriously and be considered a professional, you must dress the part. MSN’s career department even suggests performing a dress rehearsal. Grab a friend and answer questions that you could be asked (while dressed the part of course!).
Make sure that you arrive about ten minutes early. That way, you will not stress about being late, and you will have a minute to put yourself together once you arrive. Being punctual is a skill that most employers require in a worker.
Bring a padfolio, or simply a professional looking notebook and pen, with a fresh copy of your resume. It shows that you are prepared, ready to take notes, and want to learn about your interviewer and the company as well as share information about yourself.
Practice your handshake says MSN careers! No one wants their wrist broken, or a dead fish in their hand. Your handshake should be firm and confident, but not over zealous.
Remember to maintain eye contact with you interviewer. This simple gesture shows that you are listening carefully and being respectful.
Make sure to smile. Smiling will not only reassure you, but it will also show your interviewer (within that first 1/10 of a second) that you are a fun person who they would love to work with.
Do you have any tips that landed you a job or should be avoided because they landed you right back on the couch?

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