How do you know if you’re addicted to sex?

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Dr. Sawyer: If you’ve lost your day job, your grades are down the toilet, you’ve been placed on academic probation, been dumped by your boy/girlfriend, and you attempt or succeed in screwing everything in sight, you could be sexually addicted.  Was Tiger Woods really a sex addict, or just a regular guy with the infinite opportunity to have sex with unlimited numbers of the most beautiful women in the world?  No-one really knows.  A clinical diagnosis of sex addiction is really based, like other addictions, on the consequences of actions.  Admittedly, your average college guy is totally obsessed with sex and can certainly be defined as just a tad promiscuous, but most have not lost nearly everything valuable in their lives in the pursuit of getting laid.  If they have, then some professional help in the shape of counseling is urgently needed.

College Magazine Staff

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