He’s Just Not That Into You

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He’s in your English class, you’ve seen him on the quad a few times, and you know he frequents the same bar as you on Thursday nights. You’ve had a few short conversations, but overall you can’t figure out if he’s interested in you or not. Well, if you start noticing any of these telltale signs it’s time to face the facts – he’s just not that into you.

Talking About Classes

When first meeting an eligible guy, most conversation is good conversation. However, when all he wants to talk about is homework and study groups, it’s obvious he has other ideas. If he was really feeling you, he wouldn’t be asking you for study help on the midterm while you’re at the bar.
“If a girl I’m not interested in tries to talk to me, I usually bring up the topic of school and how much work I have to do, and how I shouldn’t even be out right now,” Joe Belrose, a senior from Northeastern University, says.  “Or I’ll talk about something depressing, like a wake I just attended earlier. I just try to appear as boring as I can and hope she takes the hint.”

Have You Seen My Friends?
You and your girlfriends are at a party and you spot him from across the room. He’s filling up his cup and no one else is around; the perfect time to swoop in. But when you approach his eyes immediately dart around the party like a five-year-old looking for his mommy. “Hey you haven’t seen my friends have you?” is his only salutation. Before you can respond, he’s off in the other direction looking for one of his buddies.
“Whenever I am approached by a girl that I’m not interested in, the first play I make is to find a group of people I know, regardless of how friendly I am with them,” Brian Hungarter, a law student from Villanova, says. “It is even better if the girl does not know the group I begin to converse with. There is always safety in numbers, and she will not follow me into a group of people who she has never met."

“The Butt-Out Hug”
This is the deal breaker. It’s time for summer break and you notice him loading up the car. You make your way over to say your goodbyes and hopefully plant the seed for next semester. But when you go in for the hug, he pulls the “butt-out hug.” With one incredibly awkward and simple motion, he’s informed you that getting intimate just isn’t an option. Instead of coming in for the real thing, he’s left two feet of air between you.
“I do the butt-out hug with two groups of people: girls I am not romantically interested in and elderly family members who I don't really know,” Adam Teller*, a law student from Seton Hall, says.
You may not have won over the hunk you’ve had your eye on, but in the end, does that one guy really matter? Remember, this is college. There are plenty more guys with sideways Polo hats and pastel colored Lacoste shirts just waiting to sweep you off your feet.

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*Names have been changed


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