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The Best Places to Meet Girls…and What to Say
BY Rich Abdill > Junior > Journalism > University of Maryland
Ah, women—the one problem shared by majors in all colleges. How to meet them? How to make an impression? The trick, my friends, is to think outside the box. She’s probably smarter than you, so you’ll have to throw a real curveball to surprise her. Find her somewhere she won’t be expecting her Romeo to come beckoning and make your move.



You know she’s active, and (at least trying to be) fit. If you can’t keep your eyes off that jogging shoe-ponytail combo, jump on the treadmill next to hers.
The icebreaker line: "Where you headed?"

Study Lounge
You know you’ve found a smart one, so don’t be “That Guy” walking into the dorm lounge asking if she needs help with her organic chemistry—she knows you think the carbon cycle is some kind of futuristic moped. Instead, sit down next to her and completely ignore her. Do this every time you see her studying. After a few weeks, she won’t be able to help but talk to you. Then you’re in.
The icebreaker line: Complete and baffling silence.

Dining Hall
The dining hall is the place to meet the widest variety of women—everybody eats, and almost everybody eats a little fruit. So buy two apples with your meal and sit down across from the lady who’s caught your eye. When she’s not looking, put one of them on her tray.
The icebreaker line: Yell, “HEY! WE MATCH!” excitedly.

Health Center
Her guard is down. Take the opportunity to brighten her day. Vomiting and fevers go away, but your scintillating conversation next to the gurney will stick with her like a chronic case of the cuddles.
The icebreaker line: "You lovesick too?"

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