Have a Very Sexy Easter

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Let’s be real – we’re past Easter egg hunting and taking pictures with an oversized white bunny. This Easter, you and your honey are ready for something a little sweeter.

Try one of these ideas, or maybe all five if you’€™re feeling adventurous.

The €œNew€ Easter Egg Hunt

This is just like the traditional Easter egg hunting we’€™re all used to, but with a little twist. Instead of candy inside those plastic eggs, place sexy little notes inside for your lover to find. Be as descriptive or secretive as you want. Writing inside jokes can make it even more special. If you want to be more creative with it, make it a scavenger hunt with each note leading to a specific egg. The last egg should lead him or her to the best surprise: you.

Naughty Easter Basket

Originally filled with fun, little knick-knacks or favorite candies from the Easter Bunny, this year you’€™re going to do something a little different: You’€™re playing the role of the Easter bunny dropping something off for your significant other to enjoy.

All you need is a basket and a few things that you know he or she would find intriguing. Fill it with things to foreshadow an amazing night that you two are about to have. Does she like massages? Get a bottle of massaging oil and some scented candles to set the mood. Want to make it a little more exciting? Pick up some chocolate-flavored massage oil.

Or you could go with edible underwear and whip cream. Let your imagination go as wild as you two are about to get.

Happy Easter Text

I don’€™t know about you, but whenever it’€™s considered a special day on the calendar, my message inbox gets flooded with texts from people I rarely hear from or family members I don’t usually see. It’€™s the same cliche text, wishing me a good day and towards the end of the message saying Happy [insert holiday name here]!

Instead of setting your phone on silent and ignoring all of these texts, every time your phone goes off and a €˜Happy Easter€™ text is attached to it, fit in a hot make out or a quickie with your boyfriend or girlfriend. That should bring excitement to your day. Bet you’€™re waiting for that €œHappy Easter text now.

Have sex like rabbits

Rabbits are known to have sex…a lot. So do what the rabbits do. To spice it up, try positions you two have always wanted to try but never have or get it on in rooms you haven’€™t yet.

Bunny Trail€

This would work best in the morning before he or she wakes up or if you significant other has to be somewhere that day, for whenever they get back. Set a trail of roses, or whatever they like (it can be candy or drawn arrows) leading to the bedroom. You could probably combine this with €˜Have Sex Like Rabbits€™ and well, have sex like rabbits.

Make this Easter a little sexier than the past ones. Be adventurous, have fun and now that Lent is over, enjoy eating meat on Fridays. Or any day of the week. You know what I mean.

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