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IT Internship, Waltham MA

We’re in a new age, people. Writers are blooming everywhere, but awesome work doesn’t matter unless you’re a master of the Internet. This means employers turn to millennials who know how to create a link and maybe just a little bit more. Working as an IT intern for Harvard Business Publishing lets you show off those skills.

What it’s actually like

IT is not just sitting at a computer at Harvard Business Publishing. “My project work included testing the deployment of tablets, rolling out cloud storage and testing a teleconferencing robot (think face-time on wheels). I also got to sit in on meetings discussing the roll-out of the new redesigned Harvard Business Review website,” said Ben Tan, an IT intern for Harvard Business Publishing.

Cool stuff you get to do

“The intern coordinators organize weekly “lunch-and-learns” with different departments in the company. I had the opportunity to learn about HBP’s magazine, books and corporate learning. They also arranged interview prep sessions and resume reviews,” said Tan. An internship that grooms your professional skills and prepares you for other internships? Sounds like the circle of success.

What you’ll learn

Just because you you’ve got skills when you get there doesn’t mean you won’t leave with new stuff in your noggin. “I learned practical IT skills and worked with systems that I didn’t have experience with before,” said Tan. “I learned about enterprise deployment of computers and about the difficulties of print media in a digital age and how to adapt. I also learned about corporate learning and simulations.”

How to prepare for your application

“I think I got the position because of my previous internships and work-study experience in IT service. I demonstrated that I was passionate about emerging technology and their impact on businesses,” said Tan.


“They’re looking for someone who’s technically savvy for the IT position. For the other interns, they looked for people who were interested in publishing. My fellow interns had backgrounds in English, Journalism and Business,” said Tan. Not surprisingly, if you’re working IT they want you to be able to do more than just restart the computer.

Cool Perks

If you’re involved in IT, you can bet there’s going to be some futuristic tech involved. “Since the interns were all testing new technologies, we were each given an iPad Air and a Surface Pro 2. We got to keep these two devices all summer and bring them home,” said Tan. These awesome perks are shiny and everyone wants one. What more could you ask for?

The Deets

Paid Stipend

10 weeks during summer

9-5 Monday through Friday


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