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Have you dreamed about being in the know about all things Hamptons? Hamptons.com offers summer internships for students and recent college graduates passionate about writing and video. As an editorial assistant, you’ll cover the hottest summer events, interview impressive individuals and post articles on the website weekly. So freshen up your resume, write a convincing cover letter and pack your bags. You’re about to summer in the Hamptons, just like the Gossip Girl gang.


Before you apply, be sure you’re going to love and thrive in the position. The best way to know? Hearing from past editorial assistants, of course. “I was never treated as ‘the intern,’ never had to get anyone coffee or spend my days sorting out paperwork, instead I was given responsibilities, deadlines and assignments,” said former intern Elsie Boskamp.

Hampton.com’s Editor-in-Chief Nicole Barlyski is part of the reason the internship is so fun and successful for interns. “Editorial Assistants create and develop original articles on a weekly basis, photograph various events, assist with photo management, assorted production details, contribute to social networking and marketing efforts, production and administrative support,” said Barylski.

Loosen up your fingers because you’ll be doing a lot of writing—anywhere from five to 10 articles per day.


How many students can say they attended a few of the biggest parties in the Hamptons or interview some of the biggest names in the industry? The Hamptons is notorious for welcoming Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, hosting lavish parties and having some of the best small businesses. As an editorial assistant, you’ll be at the center of the Hamptons news, interviewing your favorite celebrities and getting exclusive invites to these events. How many college kids get to say that?


It’s hard not to walk away from a summer at Hamptons.com and not feel like your wealth of knowledge has tripled. “I think one of the biggest things I learned during my internship was how to effectively interview sources and how to best cover events and parties that I was responsible for writing about and photographing,” said Boskamp. “The internship was also really important for me because getting away from the safety net of my professors and peers and getting real world experience really helped in improving my confidence in myself and my work.” The internship is certainly glamorous, but like any job you may not love what you’re covering 100 percent of the time.


“Come prepared and make sure to have done research about the company you’re interviewing for, as well as your interviewer—if you know who’s interviewing you,” said Barylski. “Make sure you bring samples of your work that best represent your skills and passions. Have a teacher or professional critique your resume. Attend job fairs and go on as many practice interviews as possible, so you feel comfortable when it’s the real deal. And don’t forget to send a thank-you after the interview.”

Don’t be intimidated. This internship is certainly competitive, but if this has peaked your interest, there’s no reason to apply. “Honestly, my number one piece of advice is to just go for it and send the application, even if you think it’s a long shot,” said Boskamp.


One lesson remains most important in any journalism position. “Punctuality,” said Boskamp. “Meeting deadlines and having the ability to generate strongly written articles in a short about of time is something that I think is necessary in this business and very much appreciated by Nicole.”

“It’s impressive when a candidate has clearly done their research and brings up a story on the website that intrigued them or pitches a story they think would be a fit for the website,” admitted Barylski.


The summer internship at Hamptons.com can serve as an extension of your college education. Plus it includes all the real world perks. “I felt like this internship also put me ahead of the game in the sense that I got real-world journalism experience very early on in my education,” said Boskamp. “And, on a bit of a lighter note, meeting celebrities and attending some of the Hampton’s most elite parties and events was super fun. I interviewed Kelly Ripa and met Alec Baldwin and Kourtney Kardashian and a bunch of rising artists, directors and actors and I attended amazing events at the most beautiful spots on the East End.”


Applications for the summer 2017 internship are now live. To apply, send three samples of your work and cover letter to Nicole Barylski at [email protected].

Sydney is a Junior at Gettysburg College studying English and Writing. She enjoys traveling, music, and a good outfit.

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