Halloween at Home: 10 Movies That’ll Freak You Out

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After the candy, the slutty costumes, excessive drinking, pumpkin flavored everything, slutty costumes, themed parties and slutty costumes, the best part of Halloween is the scary movies! Scary movies keep you up late and give you an excuse to hold someone’s hand, so let Halloween be your excuse to throw a movie party in your dorm room and invite your crush. Get out the popcorn, turn off the lights and make sure to keep one hand free to cover your eyes while you watch these 10 fabulous flicks.

10) Teeth 

Who is the sick director of this movie that thought it’d be a great idea to make a film about a girl with teeth in her vagina? This one will make you cringe, cover your eyes and possibly turn you on to guys. So girls, this wouldn’t be the best movie to watch on a first date.

9) The Descent

Six girls, one cave. Oh yeah and about a thousand flesh eating mole people.  This movie will be horrifying for most viewers, but totally unbearable for anyone slightly claustrophobic. This one is a bit long, but the ending is worth it.

8) Pan’s Labyrinth

I would not classify this movie as a horror film by any means, but when you realize that the Spanish fascist movement was an actual thing the horror of it sets in. This movie is brilliant all year round, but in honor of Halloween you have to take into account how en pointe the costuming is.

7) Saw

I love gore and logic puzzles , so Saw holds a special place in my heart. This horror movie is a modern classic and already seven sequels in. If you’re really up to it you can even take the Saw challenge: watch one installment for each night of the week.

6) The Omen 

Some of these movies will scare the Jesus out of you, but this movie will scare the Jesus into you. The Omen is the original spawn of the devil movie that paved the way for so many others. If you’re Jewish like me, this movie may not be your thing, but I’m scared of children, so it still gives me the chills.

5) Silence of the Lambs

The cannibalism isn’t even the worst part. This movie about serial killers and fat girls is by far one of the best psychological thrillers out to date. Keep Calm and Put The Lotion In The Basket.

4) Old Boy

Warning: this movie is completely in Korean, so if you’re not into the subtitles just skip to movie #3.  Everyone else able to work through the fine print translation is in for a treat. This movie makes it rain plot twists and human teeth.  Trust me, by the end you’re just going to want to take a shower.

3) Human Centipede

Not sure what a human centipede is? Google image it. This movie is not for the squeamish.

2) Paranormal Activity

I love “amateur footage” movies. You know, like Cloverfield , REC and The Blair Witch Project. Paranormal Activity is no different. What I love about Paranormal Activity is that it was made on a budget cheaper than my regular Starbuck order and I still manage to notice something different every time I watch it. This movie is all about the creepy, so make sure you watch it in a pitch-black room and with a hand to hold.

1) Hocus Pocus 

This movie is critical to every American childhood. The quintessential three witches movie, Hocus Pocus will make you feel like a little kid again and reevaluate whether or not Sarah Jessica Parker actually looks like a horse.  Also, this movie is a great way to open up discussion with your partner on whether or not they can light the black candle… if you know what I mean.

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