Graduation Already? You Know You’re a Senior When…

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T-minus two weeks until you proudly walk across the stage, snag your diploma and peace out of college like a boss. While you anxiously wait for this wonderful moment to arrive, you can’t help but act like the scared, excited, fed-up senior you are—let’s just say you’re on the struggle bus and it shows.

1. You Cry Anywhere and Everywhere

If you’re saying goodbye to college forever, there’s no way you haven’t teared up on campus in the last year. You cry like a baby at your last football game (understandable), you tear up when you ride the bus to campus (keep it together) and you sob uncontrollably in the Starbucks you always studied at (you sure you want to graduate?).

2. You Just DGAF

Sure, you’re sick of your 10 page papers and pointless class presentations, but everyone is. But you really DGAF. “You know you’re a senior when you haven’t been to a class in three weeks,” University of Florida senior Nicole Horton said. You couldn’t care less if anyone judges you for walking around campus barefoot, you certainly don’t stress about the student union undergoing renovation (because newsflash—you won’t see the changes) and you scoff at even bringing a pen to class. No sweat off your back…like, ever.

3. You Use All of The Campus Amenities in a Week

Say adios to your student status and the luxuries that come with owning a student ID. In a week’s time you visit your school’s high-tech gym, dive into the campus pool, attend a rock concert for free, sign up for a spin class and ride the bus across campus for no apparent reason besides knowing you can. “I’m never gonna be around a gym [as massive as the Leach] again with that many perks. They offer free classes [that] aren’t offered at other gyms,” Florida State senior Stephanie Walker said.

4. You Stop Counting Calories  

You’ve worried about your weight and how you look in your tight clubbing outfits for years now. Time to worry about other things like getting a job and paying hefty student loans. Honestly, you can’t decide which one you’d rather lose sleep over. But in the meantime, you cram those Oreos and quesadillas in your mouth like you’re leaving forever—oh, wait.  

5. You Break All The Rules

If you climb a famous, forbidden campus statue, what’s gonna happen? Probably nothing, because you’re a senior and you do what you want. During the past four years, you shuddered at the thought of breaking a school rule and getting expelled, but now everything has changed because who’s really gonna tell a senior to get lost? No one because you’re already leaving by choice—see ya never!

6. You Replace Your Water Bottle With a Flask

Drink, drank, drunk all day, everyday, because you can’t face the fact that adulthood is right around the corner. “You know you’re a senior when you’re drunk all the time because you’re scared of being an adult,” Walker said. People say you become an alcoholic in college, but, boy, were they wrong. It’s senior year when your alcohol-to-body-weight ratio is really tested.

7. You Purge Your Facebook Friends

Three years have gone by since you last spoke to your old chemistry lab partner. It’s time to hit the unfriend button because you’re sick of his constant posts about his life you’re not a part of. Same goes for the classmates you don’t feel the need to communicate with after graduation. You may feel a little harsh, but decluttering a clogged news feed, full of people you don’t see or talk to, is worth the guilt.

8. You Have 50 “Last Times”

Eating at your favorite burger place? Drinking at the dive bar you fell in love with during junior year? Turning in your last paper? You’re probably thinking “This will be my last time.” Whether a last time is a cause for celebration or buying a new box of tissues, it must have meant something if you knew you would never be back again. Okay, pass the Kleenex.

9. You Consider Grad School

You think to yourself, “Wait, is it really over? I just got here!”  and then that night you are applying for grad school. You don’t understand how the best years of your life are coming to a close, so you decide to make them last even longer. It’s a smart idea, but you have to slip on that graduation gown sometime.

10. You Take a Second and Look Around

College went by in a flash and you didn’t even notice until you signed up for commencement. You spent four years hustling to class, to meetings and to the events with free food, but now you make sure to stop and look around. “You know you’re a senior when you spend time walking through campus and actually look around rather than just running to get to class,” UF senior Julia Leal said.

Allison is a future New Yorker who likes coffee, books and records more than she likes people. She is currently studying Editing, Writing, and Media at Florida State.

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