10 Ways Gettysburg College Seniors Deal With Preparing for Real Life

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You have spent nearly 17 years in school during the most formative years of your life…17 stressful, emotionally trying and challenging years. So what about the last semester of senior year? Senioritis sets in all over again. It sneaks up on you unexpectedly somewhere in between midterm season and your senior capstone. They say college should be the most memorable time of your life. So what are Gettysburg College seniors doing to make their last semester the best one yet?

These 10 Gettysburg College Seniors spill how they plan to make the best of the last few months of college.

1. Don’t Stress

“This semester I decided to take a class pass-fail because #yolo. I’ve also been working out a ton. I loved going for runs around the battlefield. I’m taking two really difficult capstones but hanging out with my friends more has helped me relax a bit.” – Anabel Waplinger.

2. Spontaneous Trips

“I’m focusing on making the most of my last semester, whether that be spontaneous trips to Half Pint or spending an extra half hour hanging out in Commons. I also wanted to take advantage of the incredible opportunities for international travel—something I likely won’t have the time or money to engage in next year—that Gettysburg offers. I just got back from a Model United Nations conference in London and will be studying the impacts of Chlordecone in Guadeloupe over spring break.”– Maja Thomas

3. Make a Difference

“I’m currently the nominal director of the Gettysburg Anti-Capitalist Collective as well as the Vice-President of the Black Student Union. Beside other impassioned students, I’m organizing the Gettysburg Student Solidarity Rally on March 1. Until I graduate, I hope to build community and spark waves of solidarity that swell long after I leave this college.”– Jerome Clarke

4. Utilize Campus Activities

“In order to take advantage of my last semester at Gettysburg, I’ve been making sure to participate in some of my favorite activities and spend time with my friends! One of my favorite aspects of Gettysburg is running on the battlefields and so every time the weather is nice, I make sure to go out for a run and try to drag a friend along as well. I am also focusing more on going to campus events, as I will miss all of the different opportunities Gettysburg has.”– Mary Westermann

5. Spend Time with Teammates

“This semester I’m trying to get involved with as many things on campus, and I am also trying other activities that I normally wouldn’t do. Since it’s my last semester being a part of a team, I’m trying to spend as much time with my teammates and trying to take advantage of being a part of such a motivated and driven group.”– Caroline Moyer

6. Meals with Friends

“For my last semester of college, I have been spending time with my friends by having meals together and catching up before we all go our separate ways. It can be both on campus and off campus activities such as getting ice cream from Mr. G’s and half pint or even a day trip to D.C.” – Cheery Huang

7. Yes, Yes and Yes

“I am saying yes to things more often and I’m taking chances on people, relationships and things that I was too afraid to do prior. I’ve been taking my academics to the next level as I think about things I want to study in graduate school. I have been interning for the admissions office and even if it’s not the career I want to pursue, I’ve been putting my all into it. I also host weekly Bachelor parties with my girlfriends where we make dinner, drink wine and catch up.”– Margaret Czepiel

8. No Excuses

“I try to go out more with friends even if we don’t feel like it because we’re graduating so soon. I also try to make the most out of what’s in the town of Gettysburg. I spend time with friends instead of spending time alone, including going to more school-sponsored events.”– Megan Decker

9. Engage in Meaningful Conversations

“I’ve had a couple good cries recently because I know my time at Gettysburg is limited. I’m more willing to go out with friends on Thursdays to Mama’s and I’m more willing to sit and talk with people as opposed to doing homework because you don’t get those conversations back. You can do homework anytime. I’ve been staying up really late because I’ve been prioritizing spending time with other people. I’m taking on every opportunity I can fit into my calendar. There’s only 24 hours a day and seven days in a week, but I fill them up as much as I can. I know one day I won’t even have the opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’”– Brooke Gutschick

10. Senior Solo

“I’ve been spending a lot of time recording another album with Drop the Octave (DTO) and preparing for our spring concert where I get to sing my senior solo. I also work at the Pub and will be going to the Reagan Library in California with the Fielding Fellows.”– Jason Spiegel

Sydney is a Junior at Gettysburg College studying English and Writing. She enjoys traveling, music, and a good outfit.

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