Funny, Embarrassing, and Disastrous Sex & Dating Experiences: Winter Break Edition

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By Nicole Martin > Sophomore > Journalism & Sociology > Penn State University; Photo by AR > Sophomore > Graphic Design > UMBC

Falling in front of your crush, wardrobe malfunctions, dating disasters: we have all been there. College is full of fun times, laughs and of course embarrassing moments. See what our readers confessed were their most embarrassing moments this winter.

“I was [hooking up] with a guy one night in his dorm room and it was really dark in the room when suddenly he fell off the bed backwards, naked, and hit his head. I ended up having to ice his head for an hour afterwards.” –Jackie Cooper, Penn State University, 19
“I was at this party with this girl who had just broken up with her boyfriend and was obviously looking for a rebound. After some flirting and a few drinks we decided to go somewhere a little more private. We went upstairs into my friend’s bedroom and started making out and taking off clothing, only a few seconds later she busted out in tears and was sobbing that she missed her boyfriend. Not knowing what to do I got her clothes and redressed her and then she ran out the door.” –Eric McKnight, Slippery Rock University, 19
“I was out to dinner with a guy I had a crush on since my freshman year and I was super excited about it. I thought the night was going great and that we were really starting to connect until the check came. When the waitress handed him the bill he looked surprised and then handed it back and said, ‘Oh, we aren’t together.’ To make matters worse, I didn’t have enough money with me to cover my half because I had assumed he would pay. So he ended up having to cover me which made it obvious that I thought it was an actual date. It was humiliating.” –Alyssa Taylor, California University of Pennsylvania, 21
“I was at a party one night and I saw this really attractive girl looking my way so I decided to go over and talk to her. After a few minutes of what I thought was mutual flirting she said, ‘So, umm, is your friend single?’ Apparently she wasn’t looking at me, but my best friend instead and they have now been together for six months.” – David Moore, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 20
“I was out at the bar with a few of my girlfriends and I was wearing a short dress and tall heels because I knew my crush would be there. My crush asked me to dance and I got up from our table which is when my best friend looked up at me and said, ‘You have a string hanging from your dress; here, I’ll get it.’ She pulled on the string and it was my tampon string. She pulled my tampon completely out not only in front of my crush but in front of the entire bar as well.” –Emily Baker, Clarion University, 22
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