Disastrous Sex & Dating Stories: V-Day Edition

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By Nicole Martin> Sophomore > Journalism and Sociology > Pennsylvania State University; Photo by AR > Sophomore > Graphic Design > UMBC

Valentine’s Day is full of chocolates, roses, and… your roommate’s parents walking in on you naked? For these unfortunate college students, what was supposed to be a day of love and romance turned into disaster and embarrassment. Take a look at what our brave readers confessed were their most horrific Valentine’s Day experiences.

 "Last Valentine’s Day my girlfriend and I decided to take our relationship to the next step and finally have sex for the first time. We had the entire thing planned perfectly with candles and soft music in my dorm room; you know, all the cliché romance stuff. As we started [getting busy] suddenly I heard the door swing open and it was my roommate standing there with his parents who were visiting for the weekend. It was this point that I realized I forgot one important detail of the evening: telling my roommate. In the shock of things I tried to cover up quickly and ended up pushing my girlfriend off the bed on accident, which left me on the bed in a blanket, my naked girlfriend on the floor, my roommate who couldn’t stop laughing and two completely horrified parents." –Kyle Long, Albright College

"My sophomore year of college, I was single of Valentine’s Day and pretty down about it so I decided to try and find a date. I asked around and finally got a cutie to come to my friend’s party with me. He asked if it would be ok if he just met me there and I said that was fine. When I got to the party I told everyone about how hot, nice and sweet this guy was and everyone was pumped to meet him. Finally he got there and came in the door with another guy that I assumed he brought to not feel so awkward not knowing anyone, that was until he came up to me and my friends and said, 'This is my boyfriend, John*.'" –Breana Hill, Bloomsburg University
"I had been dating my boyfriend for about a year at the time. I thought after that long of a time he would have known me better but I was completely proven wrong when he took me out for Valentine’s Day. When he first picked me up he showed up at the door with a box of coconut filled chocolates and also a bouquet of carnations. I was a bit upset because I had told him that I hated coconut and also that carnations reminded me of funerals and that my favorite flowers were daisies, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin the evening. However the night only got worse when he took me to Red Lobster where I had to tell him, again, that I was allergic to seafood. So instead of apologizing for not listening to me he got mad because he had made reservations and took me to Taco Bell for dinner, and didn’t even pay for that. It was by far the worst date of my life." –Ashley Wilkins, Ohio University, 19
"Probably one of my most embarrassing moments of my life was on Valentine’s Day last year. I had seen in a few movies how guys would take a knife to pop off the cork of champagne bottles and then pour it for their dates and I thought that it looked awesome, so I wanted to try it. When my date came over for dinner, everything was going great until I decided to try my “cool” trick. When I slid the knife across the bottle it didn’t take off the cork, but I did manage to cut my finger and bleed all over the carpet. My date ended up having to take me to the hospital where I had to get three stitches in my hand. Luckily she was really sweet about the whole thing and accepted another make-up date with me after that. Those movies should definitely come with a 'Don’t try this at home' warning label." –Andrew Mason, Community College of Allegheny County
*Some names have been changed for privacy.             

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