De-Stressing Over Spring Break

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After a long, hard first half of the semester, there is nothing like traveling to your destination of choice with a young child crying—scratch that, screaming—in the seat behind you, kicking your back and picking at your hair like a chimpanzee.  When you start to smell poo and wonder if it’s the kid or perhaps the man in the adult diaper nearby, you wonder if you’ll actually be able to relax on your trip.  Although sometimes it can be tough to unwind after a grueling start to the semester, relaxing is easier than you may think.

  1. Plan: Throughout the semester we’re constantly planning our study schedules while squeezing in time to eat and do laundry.  Over break, you should be planning and getting excited about your fantastic Bahamas outfit, video game tournament or romantic stroll through Central Park.
  2. Treat yourself: Over the course of the semester, you might reward yourself with an extra dessert or hour of television every now and then, but that just really doesn’t cut it.  Whether you have the spare cash to do a spa day or need to have a home party with a homemade mask and DIY nails, you deserve some time to spend on you.  And, guys, although you may think it’s girly, there’s nothing better than a good massage.
  3. Read: By the end of the academic year, you feel like gauging your eyes out after reading countless pages of American history and accounting. Make sure you give your eyes the mindless rest they require and make the time to pick up Cosmo, a mindless romance novel, the latest Michael Crichton or Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.
  4. Laundry: During the school year, laundry feels like the most unbearable chore, so avoid it at least once over break by relaxing through a little retail therapy.  However, while splurging on new designer jeans may fill you with spring fever now, it could also stress you out later.  Try finding something small such as a fun pair of socks or comfy pajamas to give you an adrenaline rush that won’t amount to a heart attack when your bank statement comes.
  5. Eat: While at school, it can sometimes feel like you have to create time to eat, turning meals into more of a chore than a pleasurable experience.  Try spending an entire afternoon preparing dinner with your significant other or closest friends to enjoy each other’s company and the delicious nosh.

See? Told you it’s easy. By taking the time to appreciate your time off from school, you’ll be that much more productive when you have to start studying for grad school tests or take an extra shift at work.

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