University of Maryland in College Park or Construction Park?

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Sleeping soundly in your warm, comfy bed, you dream about scoring an A on your bio exam tomorrow morning when…bam! The clanging sound of hammers, nails and bulldozers abruptly interrupt your peaceful sleep. No, you’re not in a construction zone…you’re on University of Maryland’s campus. Construction – err, College Park seems to constantly have some type of construction going on around campus, so yeah, you basically are in a construction zone. First, it was Campus Drive, then it was Cole Field House and now the beloved McKeldin Mall. What was once a known as students’ happy place, is now a dusty, bull-dozed disaster. With half of the grass torn up and the other half surrounded by fences, students feel both enraged and betrayed. And you know us Terps refuse to hold back when it comes to roasting our campus’s construction.

1. Drinking Games

Leave it to Terps to create a drinking game out of the construction. Campus drive, Mckeldin Mall, Cole Field House, The Hotel…that’s four shots down already.

2. Let’s Destroy the Prettiest Spot on Campus

But really…what was even wrong with Mckeldin Mall in the first place?

3. Smh, Smh, Smh…

I never thought I’d be thinking the same thing as a cat in overalls standing on his back legs…

4. Construction Park

The campus may look like the apocalypse has hit, but at least there’s free tutoring!

5. New Academic Pursuits

Only at College Park can you put your math skills to good use: If UMD says the construction will be finished by September and you add on an additional three months then that equals…? Forever.

6. Relationship Goals

Who would’ve thought UMD would still be under construction five years later…#sopresh.

7. New Students

*UMD’s campus of over 30,000 students, I might add. They should start giving out hard hats during orientation. Just for liability reasons.

8. Hey, Arthur

You already took away our take-out food, what’s next?!

9. 10 Years Later…*Spongebob Voice*

Lol at how UMD said the construction on Mckeldin Mall would be finished by the end of summer. It’s Fall now, y’all. How can we hammock if half of the mall is uprooted?

10. Give the People What They Want

Finally, the real issue at hand is addressed. A little bit louder for the people in the back.

Sophomore at the University of Maryland double majoring in English and communications. Favorite things include Jesus and avocados.

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