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Summertime is the perfect time to catch up on all the for-pleasure reading your textbooks crowd-out during the semester. Here are CM’s picks for your must-read summer list. Best part? All our picks can be found on for about $15 or less.

Anthropology of an American Girl might be about a high school student, but its themes are anything but juvenile. Hilary Thayer Hamann deals with death, rape, abusive relationships and overall personal growth. Many of us will recognize the development that we went through as we transitioned from kids to adults in this tragic, real novel. This story is about the freedom of being young and what it means to be a woman in America today. 
Video games provide a wonderful distraction, stress-reliever and procrastination tool during the school year. That’s why Tom Bissell’s Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter is a fascinating summer read. Bissell takes a literary critic’s look at the art of all kinds of popular video games, and why they matter. Gamers might not be big readers, but this is something both can enjoy.
Beach Read:
What’s better on a warm, sunny day at the beach than a chilling mystery? James Patterson (in collaboration with Maxine Paetro) will keep you glued to the page with his fast-paced suspense novel Swimsuit. Former cop turned writer, Ben, is investigating a dead-end murder when the murderer himself gets in touch. The murderer offers his life story and the reasons for his killing spree, but Ben must agree to write a tell-all book…or he and his girlfriend will die and as it turns out the murderer is quite the storyteller too.  
Short, sweet and to the point–this book of tips will be anything but what you expected. Just peek at the table of contents and you can already tell that Rework authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson don’t play by the ordinary rules. Best of all, unlike that hypocritical professor you hated, they follow the rules they lay down in their own book.  
You thought that just because it was summer, your professors were done lecturing huh? Well think again, because The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is worth every second. It may have been out for a while but if you haven’t picked up this inspiring book, it’s a must-read. So pull out your tissues and curl up, because Pausch may be dying as he writes this book, but his message is all about living.
Mother Goose and erotic literature are hardly peanut butter and jelly, except for Selena Kitt, author of The Real Mother Goose. This X-rated tale takes us through familiar nursery rhymes, but with unexpected, titillating twists. The plot flows smoothly from one story to the next and is thoroughly creative. This is one book you probably don’t want to be reading at the beach…instead, save it for the hotel room. 

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