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Towson University–Towson, Maryland

Towson University Instagram

The Vibe:

Lively campus with hella stuff to do

What it feels like to go here

Can’t decide between a big school or a small school? Well it’s a good thing Towson University makes it perfect to enjoy aspects from both. Located less than 15 miles from Baltimore, students have the chance to experience a taste of city life. But if the city life isn’t for you, there’s always something going on on campus. Whether it’s in Greek life, sports or clubs, Towson Tigers know how to get involved. “Towson is getting bigger and nicer, and there are so many opportunities, especially being so close to Baltimore. There are ways to have fun and do different things, and it’s a good school to go if you’re not looking for a huge state college,” senior Stephanie Koutsoukos said. Although Towson sometimes gets a bad rep for being ratchet and for being a popular safety school, Towson students who actually attend discover these rumors aren’t true.

Did you know Towson ranked as one of the top 10 dance colleges?

Awesome Alumni

You would be surprised by how many amazing people attended and graduated from this average sized college in northern Maryland. Towson University spewed out fantastic athletes like Jermon Bushrod, NFL player for the New Orleans Saints who also won a Super Bowl ring. Kacy Catanzaro, the first woman to qualify for the finals of the television sport challenge show “American Ninja Warrior,” definitely earned her Towson Tigers stripes back in the day. Oh, but the list of famous alum doesn’t stop there. Fans of Smallville will recognize John Glover, who plays the father of Lex Luthor, as a Tiger himself. Even crazier, actress and comedienne Amy Schumer graduated in 2003 with a theater degree from Towson. Impressed yet?

Where We Hang

Located in a busy suburban area, Towson University offers students a variety of places to hang out and study at. Looking to get studies done without the distractions from studying in the cafeteria or dorm? Visit Albert S. Cook Library, students’ favorite place for trying to finish all their work before Friday night. When taking a study break, students go stress-shopping (we all know that too well) at Towson Town center, a large indoor shopping mall located only a few minutes’ drive from campus. And on the weekends, students find relief in bars (and cheap drinks) and often flock to the Greene Turtle, Torrent or Rec Room.


1. How much are students partying?

“There is a lot of drinking and smoking, but almost everyone concentrates primarily on school. There are many different subcultures in Towson just like another other university. However, Towson is a big bar school, and that’s where most people hang and party at. There are also a lot of apartment parties too,” junior Kevin Beliveau said.

2. What will you get in trouble for at your school?

“Freshman year, I actually got in trouble for having alcohol in my dorm. It’s not super strict, but they do make sure everyone’s safe and following the rules. Towson is really big on safety measures.” senior Stephanies Koutsoukos said.

3. How much sex are students having?

“I drink and smoke but don’t really have one night stands or anything really promiscuous. But I do have friends who have sex with a new guy every week. There’s just tons of different types of people.” junior Maddison McGowan said.

4. What would you tell incoming freshman about your school?

Take six classes if you can freshman year. You will be in a higher priority to sign up for classes, and it will help you get the best professors and classes as you go through each semester. Signing up for classes at Towson is almost always a guaranteed panic attack. Every class you want fills up fast and sometimes there’s not even enough classes available for the amount of students that need to take them.” junior Jasmin Lebrock said.

5. Why did you choose Towson? Would you still choose Towson again knowing what you know now?

“I chose Towson because even though it was a big school, it has a small feel. You can walk on campus and see people you know, and it’s really awesome. Would I choose it again? Yes, for the education and experience, but if I had known that all this construction would take place while I was here I would have said no. But I know great things are coming out of it, and I know future students are going to love it.” junior Delanie Ostrow said.

 Overall Experience

“One things that surprised me was probably the size. I thought it was going to be a lot smaller than it actually is. There are so many people here and people usually think it’s really small school.”–Stephanie Koutsoukos, Public Relations and Advertising major, Class of 2017

“I was definitely surprised about how considerate most people are on our campus. Everyone holds the door open for each other.”–Kevin Beliveau, Electronic Media and Film major, Class of 2018

“Personally, I found I rather hang out anywhere where my friends are rather than a bar uptown or a house party where I sweat to death surrounded by Greek life.”–Maddison McGowan, Early Childhood Education major, Class of 2018

Any vibe one would want to feel, they could probably find it here. This school is so diverse and is growing more and more each year, so finding your niche does happen over time.”–Jasmin Lebrock, Marketing Concentration major, Class of 2018

“My experience has been great here at Towson. I love being a part of my team and have really enjoyed the athletics they have here.”–AJ Gomer, International Business major, Class of 2018

Top 3 Majors

  1. Business Administration and Management
  2. Psychology
  3. Communications

Top 3 Most Popular Student Organizations

Towson’s Greek life currently represents about 15 percent of the undergraduate population, A.K.A. 2,800 frat boys and sorority girls. With over 35 different chapters, many students find that getting involved in Greek life (especially as a freshman) helps them find their place at Towson. “I would definitely recommend joining a fraternity or sorority. Although it makes up a small part of campus, I think it’s the easiest and most fun way to get involved and meet your friends. I was so lost until I joined Phi Sig,” Koutsoukos said. Greek life at Towson also opens more doors for involvement in the university. They affiliate with other university departments such as athletics, student government and campus recreation services.

Towson Tigers encompass all of the athletics teams at TU. Whether it’s their NCAA Division I teams or club teams, athletics represent a huge part of being a true Towson tiger. TU has 19 NCAA Division I teams that complete in the Colonial Athletic Association. Watch their field hockey, lacrosse and track teams complete in the Johnny Unitas Stadium or their baseball team compete at the John B. Schurholz Park. Not Division I material but still want to play your favorite sport? Join one of TU’s sports clubs or intermural teams and play your favorite sport against your own peers. “I joined tennis because I knew I wanted to be part of a team that I could contribute to, and in my case it was tennis. They have a lot to offer, on and off the court,” junior AJ Gomer said. “I would highly recommend students to join in on any teams they can. They’re bound to make new friends and enjoy a new sport.” Not only do you get a little competition, but also a fun workout with new friends.

Towson SGA gives a voice to the undergraduate student population by working closely with students, staff and administration in making decisions that impact students’ daily lives. Many students choose to become a part of the SGA to become more involved in decisions made on campus, develop leadership skills or simply because it looks good on a resume. “I originally got into SGA because I joined a fraternity (Theta Chi). So we pretty much ran campus with the president of SGA, the president of URG (residence government) which oversees all of the students on campus and the president of the interfraternity council,” senior Harrison Hart said. Members of the SGA encourage students to get more involved on campus through holding many different events throughout the year such as ice cream socials, tailgates and town hall meetings.

Getting In

Towson University’s application process evaluates students individually as real people, not just a set of numbers (how awesome is that?). While you should have a good GPA and SAT/ACT scores, the essay portion of your application can show your true personality to admissions offices. With an acceptance rate of 59.2 percent, Towson University isn’t too difficult to get in. “The application process was pretty standard. I ended up choosing TU because it was cheaper than UMD and a fair distance from my parents,” McGowan said. As long as you meet the univeresity’s criteria, you should be getting an acceptance letter in the mail pretty quickly.


Location: Towson, MD

Tuition & Fees: $6560 (Marylanders); $18,228 (nonresidents)

Total Cost on Campus: $15,486

Undergrads Enrolled: 19,198

Grads Enrolled: 3,145

Total Enrolled: 22,343

Acceptance percentage: 59.2%

Percent Admitted who Enroll: 29.5%

Enrollment: 2,543

Percentage of Male Students: 40%

Percentage of Female Students: 60%

Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 73%

Percentage Receiving Federal Grants: 23%

Percentage Receiving Federal Loans: 52%

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