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Loyola University Maryland – Baltimore, MA

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Skyscraper-Adjacent Small City School


Loyola University Maryland combines lush green life and campus beauty perfectly, and it doesn’t hurt that it looks like a scene right out of a college movie. Plus the city sits right outside your door. Parties and events galore await your name once your step foot into Baltimore. But even though the city calls your name, plenty of on-campus parties and events keep you grounded in college life. Extracurricular activities expand into multiple areas of interest, so any person can sign up and join one. The lacrosse team brings thousands of fans to each game chanting for their Greyhounds. Loyola perfectly represents how the atmosphere of a big city goes hand-in-hand with a small school campus.


From co-creators to CEOs, the list of notable Loyola alumni never ends. Ian Brennan graduated the year 2000 from the College of Arts and Sciences, and became the co-creator, co-writer and co-executive producer of the hit musical TV show Glee. Bob Newhart joins Brennan in the entertainment community. Even though he graduated from the school of business in 1952, he went on to become a famous actor and comedian. He starred on the TV show The Bob Newhart Show. Francesca Maher Edwardson, class of 1978, became the CEO of the American Red Cross in Chicago, a charitable organization that helps hospitals with blood donations to keep patients alive. Michael Quinlan, who graduated in 1967, was the former chairman and CEO of the McDonald’s Corporation.


Students flock to the quad in front of the humanities center on Loyola Maryland’s campus. With multiple pathways and plenty of green space, students find themselves laying towels or blankets out on the lawn to chill or to meet with their club.

Students also migrate to the student center, as cliché as it might sound. Food hotspots like Iggy’s Market or Green Peel attract the hungry student who wants to convene with friends. You’ll find lots of seating space and the student bookstore around the corner. Friends and family as well as colleagues and partners gather here to discuss anything from next week’s project to next year’s classes.

Loyola Maryland also puts on events year-round for students who don’t want to step foot off campus. Loyolapalooza, an annual music festival, brings in artists like Sean Paul and T-Pain. And during finals week, Loyola Maryland hosts Midnight Breakfasts to fuel students through exam week.

For those less inclined to stay on campus, The Inner Harbor offers a plethora of restaurants. Students can grab food with friends at Cheesecake Factory or Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Or they can opt for local Baltimore spots like Dottie’s Coffee Shop and M&S Grill. On game days, students pack into Sliders Bar and Grill, which usually has their fill of sports fans and nonfans alike drinking to their baskets, touchdowns, goals and more.


1. How much are students partying?

“I definitely say parties happen. It’s not a ‘party-party’ school, but there are some options throughout the week. We don’t have really any fraternities or sororities here, so we usually hop over to John Hopkins University to go to those. But with the apartments we have, there are always parties going on there,” recent grad Katherine Edwards said.

2. What will you get in trouble for at your school?

“I know you probably think that we’re a Catholic, Jesuit school that the rules are more hard and enforced, but it’s really not. Anything you can think of that can get you in trouble at other schools can do the same thing here,” senior Robert Willams said.

3. How much sex are students having?

“A lot of people do. It’s a college campus. Hookups happen all the time,” recent graduate Ryan Fischer said.

4. What would you tell incoming freshman about your school?

“I’d definitely say it is what you make of it. Loyola is a small school and if you don’t spread out, you won’t find much. You have to be open to jumping into stuff so you can meet the people you’ll be with for the next four years,” recent graduate Grant Parsons said.

5. What was your favorite thing you did while at Loyola?

“Studying abroad was a fun one. My financial aid covered the whole thing, and I was able to travel all over Europe,” recent graduate William Ramos said.


“My Loyola experience was unforgettable. I studied theater and economics, and had the opportunity to live in England and travel all over Europe, and I made life long friends along the way. I would not trade my Loyola experience for anything in the world, and it didn’t just stop after graduation. Their support follows you wherever you go. In my case, it followed me all the way to LA. I could not have grown as much as I have these last few yards without their continuing support.” – Katie Ray, Class of 2016

“I had a great experience at Loyola! I really enjoyed the beautiful campus, especially in the fall with all the seasonal changes. The student population is small enough to where if you walk around you notice a few new faces but a majority of familiar faces. Overall, most of the classes I took in my four years at Loyola, included a community service aspect, which is an important part of a Jesuit-Catholic education. The best advice I can offer to potential students is to really research the city; Baltimore has so many unique towns that make exploring and trying new places a fun activity on the weekend!” – Lauren Sese, Class of 2016

“Being given the opportunity to study abroad is probably the most fruitful aspect of my undergrad year. I do feel tuition inflation in this country is out of control among most private schools and Loyola is indeed one of them. With that said, it couldn’t be a more welcoming school with a more loving community.” – William Ramos, Class of 2016

“I love that Loyola has smaller classes which really allows us students to get to know our professors on a more personal level. I also love the feeling of a community on campus. There are so many different clubs that make you feel part of a group. You can definitely always find something to do on campus! Speaking of, the night life at Loyola is super fun. Most people go out to bars in different neighborhoods of Baltimore or have house parties off campus.” – Caroline Roche, Class of 2019

“It was a great experience. The one thing I always loved was that it was so close to the city—just a few minutes away by car, really. We got this really nice small school atmosphere right around the corner from a giant metropolitan area. It was great for job resources and for nights out. I’ll never forget my time there.” – Rachel Kennedy, Class of 2017


1. Business/Marketing

2. Communications/Journalism

3. Social Sciences


1. Loyola University Dance Company

The Loyola University Dance Company basically embodies everything you want from a dance show. From twists and turns in ballet to pop and locks in hip hop, everyone wants to get on their feet once they step into their dancing shoes here. As the largest student-run organization on campus, this dance company brings in all different levels of dancers, from beginners to advanced. “It allows students that have danced their whole life to continue their passion in college, as well as provides a space for new dancers to learn and have fun together. I am honored to share the stage with such beautiful dancers in such an amazing company,” senior Casey Nolan, an officer in the company, said. We’re sure that dancing with the largest organization on campus can lead to some of the best years of your life.

2. GreySounds

Pitch Perfect brought a-cappella to the collegiate scene. Now, the GreySounds take it by storm. “My experience at Loyola wouldn’t have been the same without it. We are the only co-ed acapella group on campus, and I believe that allows us more flexibility in terms of music, arrangements and performing. The group is one big family and our friendships will last a lifetime,” recent graduate Thalia Falcon said. Hundreds of students gather to watch the shows they put on, including the winter and spring concerts. They cover everything from hit songs like “Lay Me Down” or “Colors of the Wind” to Christmas carols. But no matter what they sing, they perform with a smile.

3. Operation Smile

Community and caring go hand-in-hand at Operation Smile. Loyola Maryland’s branch of the nationwide organization helps provide surgeries for children with cleft lip/palates. Donations and fundraisers always pop up on campus for this special organization. “I was born with a cleft lip and know that children born outside of the United States are not always given the opportunity to have the cleft repaired. Last year, out chapter at Loyola was able to fund eight surgeries, but more importantly, raise awareness about Operation Smile,” recent graduate Elizabeth Leonard said. “Being a part of this club allows you to literally change the course of a child’s life, and that in of itself is incredibly rewarding.” Nothing quite matches the feeling of making a true difference in the lives of others.


Like most colleges, Loyola University Maryland doesn’t only look at applicants with great grades. They want students involved in clubs, activities and volunteer work as well. The National Honor Society definitely helps, too. “When I applied to Loyola, I made sure that my resume had literally everything I accomplished on it,” said Ramos. “I’ve never been super good at essays, but with my business experience and extracurricular clubs I had in that, I was accepted and got a scholarship.” Having that diverse resume will definitely be the extra “spice” you need to get into this university.


Location: 4501 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21210

Tuition & fees: $47,725

Total cost on campus: $61,875

Undergrads enrolled: 4,050

Grads enrolled: 2,034

Total enrolled: 6,084

Acceptance percentage: 66%

Percent admitted who enroll: 11.96%

Percentage of male students: 43%

Percentage of female students: 57%

Percentage receiving financial aid: 86%

Percentage receiving federal grants: 17%

Percentage receiving federal loans: 58%


Alexandra is a junior at Penn State studying Digital-Print Journalism and has a minor in English. In her free time, she is an assistant editor for Her Campus Penn State, and a Staff Writer for The Daily Collegian. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, she’ll often be found outdoors whenever the weather is warm and sunbathing on the HUB lawn.

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