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Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania – Bloomsburg, PA

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The Vibe

Neverending Rager

What it Feels Like to Go Here

Cue “I Love College” by Asher Roth because this anthem was made for the students at BU. But the partying doesn’t seem to be the only reason for the influx of incoming freshmen to this state university. The school really does help you find your best friends along with an amazing major and organization to join. Since 1839, Bloomsburg University has upheld a positive reputation for over a century, helping steadily increase the number of applicants received every year. As an up-and-coming school, Bloomsburg plans to extend and update its entire campus to boast Husky pride.

Located in the middle of nowhere, this school exhibits exactly what you would imagine when you think of “going away to college.” With a beautiful, open campus and nothing to do but party, BU students never fail to have a fun time. In fact, you’re most likely planning your weekend as soon as the previous one ends. If you hate the cold, make sure you pack your heavy, winter coats, endless sweaters and snow boats to survive the PA winter before leaving home. But, don’t worry—it gets nice out eventually and you will catch all the students crowding around the academic quad when it finally hits sunny weather.

Awesome Alumni

Jimmi Simpson, television and film actor, has starred in shows including Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, House of Cards, Black Mirror, 24 and My Name is Earl. He once performed the role of clueless freshman at Bloomsburg. Bob Tucker, a former NFL player, played for the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings from the years 1970 to 1980 and graced the Bloomsburg field as an undergrad. Alum Rick Amato had a career as a national television host, radio host, columnist and political commentator after graduation. Lastly, Chuck Daly, a previous NBA coach, led the Detroit Pistons to numerous NBA Championships and led the first USA Dream Team to a gold medal in the 1992 Summer Olympics.

Where We Hang

Remember, Bloomsburg is in the middle of nowhere. And it can get boring. Senior Nicole Haselbarth even described it as a “blackhole.” When asked what they do for fun at Bloom, almost every student answers with “drinking.” But, BEWARE: if you are not 21 or a part of an organization, it seems that you may experience boredom more than you originally think. “It’s important to get involved with a sport, intramurals, Greek life and/or clubs to keep yourself busy. There’s not much to do in town unless you’re 21,” said senior Catherine Garrity. But Bloomsburg does host big events that keep the students on their feet. “The best school social event is definitely Homecoming and Block Party, which are just whole weekends dedicated to day drinking,” said Haselbarth. On every other Wednesday through Saturday, though, you can catch your 21-year-old friends at Hardware or Em’s Pink Wieners Capital. Both of these bars have gained a lot of popularity among Bloom students. On a regular weekday, students will crowd around and munch on some Frank’s pizza to pass time until the weekend.


1. How much are students partying?

“Bloomsburg has always had a reputation for being the number one party school but I have to disagree with that to a certain point. If you’re not in a sorority or aren’t 21, it’s hard to go out as often because you can’t get in to these places. I think we average out as partying as much as most schools. But honestly, I only think we have that title because of Block Party,” junior Britney Keyes said.

2. What will you get in trouble for at your school?

Being obnoxiously drunk to the point where you’re disturbing others will definitely get you in trouble. If you can handle yourself and your alcohol, you shouldn’t have to really worry about getting in trouble,” senior Rebekah Mull said.

3. How much sex are students having?

“I would say the campus is very sexually active. I’d give it like an eight out of 10 because you hear a lot of stories about one-night stands and people hooking up in frat houses, but nothing too crazy,” Haselbarth said.

4. What would you tell incoming freshman about your school?

“Limit your drinking and try to stay on top of your schoolwork. Think about a major you are interested in because it will help with taking correct classes that will help you graduate,” junior Michael Sardella said.

5. Why did you choose Bloomsburg University when choosing a college?

“Well it was actually the only school I really looked at. I knew I wanted to be a teacher and I heard they had really good programs for that and other majors, so I went there,” recent graduate Shawna Blake said.

Student Reviews

“It’s been amazing. I play tennis for the school and I’m on the exec board/founder of a new club on campus. I keep myself really busy. I have had great internships and I have a great job waiting for me once I graduate and I have my education to thank for that. Bloomsburg definitely prepared me for the real world.” – Catherine Garrity, class of 2018.

“I’ve loved my experience at Bloomsburg. The people are generally very nice, I’ve had many helpful professors and there are a lot of fun clubs and activities to get involved in. I’m very happy I chose this school and the major that I’m in. I’m surprised with how small this campus really is. I came from a very small high school, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when coming to college, but it’s definitely a small campus (you will run into the dude you made out with at the bar Saturday night, so plan accordingly).” – Rebekah Mull, class of 2018.

“One thing that surprised me about Bloom is how much they offer. This school, although we like to party, is a great school academically. My time at Bloomsburg has been awesome. I love it so much.” – Jaclyn Hatton, class of 2019.

“The teachers here are extremely helpful and really want you to understand the material. No other school has the type of professional development workshop and opportunities that we have. Bloomsburg has always been known as the party school, so it definitely hurts how people are going to think about our academics. But if there’s one thing that I could tell people is that whenever I talk about Bloom it’s not bragging about the parties or the people, but how much it has changed me to become a better student and professional.” – Britney Keyes, class of 2019.

I chose Bloomsburg because it felt right. I visited before I applied to college and after I got accepted and I made my decision the second time I visited. My mom loved it too. Honestly, I think all the faculty at Bloomsburg give you so many options to be successful and anyone here is willing to help you no matter what the problem is. All the professors want you to overachieve and, even though I’m a freshman, I’ve had a positive experience. I’m not sure if I want to be in a sorority, play a sport or be in clubs. You can find a lot of fun places to go here too so you can’t really be bored. Also, I’m still transitioning to college because it’s a really big step for me to be far from home and I think everyone here is supportive.” – Christina Picinich, class of 2021.

Top 3 Majors

1. Business Administration and Management

2. Psychology

3. Organizational Communication

Top 3 Most Popular Student Organizations

1. Students Helping Honduras

Students Helping Honduras, a student organization that excites many BU students, attempts to make changes globally. This organization runs internationally, working with over 1,000 schools, including Bloomsburg. “[Students Help Honduras partners] with another organization that helps raise money to stop human trafficking by selling bracelets that they make,” said Keyes. “On top of that, they raise money to fly the students on a mission trip to Honduras that I’m hoping to go on next year.”

2. Husky Ambassador

Say hello to the faces of Bloomsburg. The members of the organization describe it as a family. The tight-knit family on campus loves to keep up connections with “extended” family in the form of alumni and other professionals that strengthen the school and offer opportunities to students after graduation. “Students should join this group, not only to help the very University that is giving them their education, but also to enhance their own skills and attributes. It is a great way to learn the soft skills necessary to be successful after graduation… It also gives its members a better chance of getting internships or a job because of all of the opportunities to talk to Alumni that are extremely willing to help and give back to the University that guided them to where they are today,” said Husky Ambassador President Erik Stalford.

3. Business Clubs

Founded in 1952, Pi Sigma Epsilon professional fraternity has gone international. “Pi Sigma Epsilon is one of the best organizations to join on campus. They give you many opportunities to do internships and activities to make you a stronger person professionally,” said Hatton. On the other hand, Hall said, “There are several great student organizations on campus. Personally, I love the American Marketing Association because it has helped me grow within my major. I’m also thankful for the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society that has helped me advance professionally.”

Getting In

With a high acceptance rate, this state school seems to have a very lenient but holistic approach to finding new Huskies to join the pack. This means that they want to see what each applicant does outside of their education or what they do to take their education to the next level. For example, extracurriculars, community service or the presentation of strong soft skills in your application will help incoming freshmen set themselves apart beyond their test scores. If you engage in organizations that strengthen your leadership roles, Bloomsburg will know you’re a top dog looking to join the Huskies. Overall, Bloomsburg looks for a minimum of a B average in their students with a strong involvement in community service, extracurricular activities and involvement


Location: 400 E 2nd St, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Tuition & Fees: in state =10,500 out of state = 21,738

Total Cost on Campus: In State = $23,406 and out of state = $34,264 for tuition, fees, books and supplies, room and board and other expenses.

Undergrads Enrolled: 8,995 undergraduate students

Grads Enrolled: 663 graduate students

Total Enrolled: 9,658 students

Acceptance Rate: 88%

Percent Admitted Who Enroll: 25%

Percentage of Male Students: 43%

Percentage of Female Students: 57%

Percentage Receiving Financial Aid: 46%

Percentage Receiving Federal Grants: 32%

Percentage Receiving Federal Loans: 76%

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