Beyond the Toga: Highlighter Party

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This Week’s Theme: Highlighter Party
Highlighter parties bring out the rave-lover in everyone, just as the black lights in the room reveal the neon scribbled on your arms, legs and white t-shirt. You’ll have a blast getting creative with your highlighter artwork and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

You’re Invited:
Anyone and everyone can attend this kind of party, but it’s important for guests to bring a good attitude. You’ll be bumping and grinding up against people all night in the dark, drinking cheap beer in a cramped room and feeling people draw on you with highlighters.
"You have to be prepared for highlighted parties,” Boston University junior Justin Monestime said. “I went to one freshman year without knowing, and my shirt got completely drawn over. But it was still a lot of fun."
Celebration Necessities:
The three essentials for this kind of party: A white t-shirt, highlighters and a black light. Stock up on:
1. Highlighters: Buy in bulk to keep the party going all night. Give each guest a few different colors when they arrive, and keep extra packs in stock if the pens dry up early.
2. Glow sticks and necklaces: Neon light and neon writing—a perfect combination.
3. Fluorescent-colored cups: Make people’s drinks a part of the fun. 
The t-shirt becomes an attendee’s blank canvas. Be prepared to get a little messy, and brace yourself for the possibly inappropriate comments that others may write on you. You’ll have a great time seeing your white shirt progress to a highlighter masterpiece, and may find new friends—or friends with benefits—in the process.
Highlighter parties are great because hot girls always come out and let you draw all over them,” Widener University sophomore Alex Reeder said. “It’s hands-down a great experience.”
Party Preparations:
The best place to throw this party is in the darkest place you can find. Basements work best, but you can always cover windows. Hide the walls with industrial-size sheets of white paper so that your guests can keep on drawing when their t-shirts (and bodies) run out of space. Let the graffiti happen!
Dance music is a must—you want to recreate the rave atmosphere that goes perfectly with bright colors. Create a soundtrack with plenty of bass-bumping techno, house music or DJ mixes that will last the whole night.
Use the theme as an excuse to meet new people. This might be the only time that the question, “Can I draw on you?” works as a pick-up line.

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