Bae-Watch: Top 10 Date Spots at UMD

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Picture this: You and your sweetheart just went out to dinner at a five-star restaurant, and now you’re having a romantic walk on the beach. Then you wake up and realize you aren’t at the beach, you’re at UMD and have no clue where to take your SO. Where the heck can you go? Have no fear, UMD actually has some pretty great date spots that’ll impress your boo.

1. Spend some time macking at McKeldin Mall.

McKeldin is a prime date location during the warmer months. With a beautiful fountain and a sprawling green field, just grab a Frisbee and you’ve got a date. At night, McKeldin Mall features some awesome (and romantic) date opportunities, with occasional outdoor yoga classes and movie nights. “I remember one time they played Wall-E, and it was like, a perfect movie for a first date,” junior Michael Fitzgerald said. “Romantic, not too serious, cute and she thought it was great too. Just don’t forget snacks.” Pack a blanket and some snacks and get ready to snuggle up with bae, all thanks to McKeldin.

2. Try not to strike-out at the baseball games.

Choosing the baseball games as a date spot is a strategic move. Because of baseball’s relatively slow-paced game, you and your cutie can strike up some good conversations while watching the Terps in action. Concessions run pretty cheap and by default taste delicious (because who doesn’t love hotdogs and hamburgers?) so you look like the perfect date if you treat.

3. Go day trippin’ to D.C.

I’ve got two words for you: Renwick. Gallery. This newly reopened museum draws in busloads of tourists because of its exclusivity and uniqueness. The whole place only has five exhibits, but when you’re finished showing off your artistic side, you could visit more insta-worthy museums, like the Hirshorn and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. In regards to food, D.C.’s restaurant atmosphere is lit. There’s tons of hole in the wall eats great for every palette. Dip into Chinatown if you’re feeling for Asian cuisine or stop by Baked & Wired to satisfy your sweet tooth. That’s right, D.C.’s got you covered on all fronts for a perfect date spot.

4. Become one with nature at Terrapin Trail.

So we don’t exactly have long walks on the beach (LaPlata Beach maybe, but that hardly counts), but we do have a beautiful nature trail ripe for hand-holding. This also provides an opportunity to Snapchat your walk and add a #FitCouple. Keep in mind, there’s also the Terrapin Trail Club, which takes trips to scenic hiking locations that can truly live up to the #TravellingCouple hype. They’ve visited the Adirondacks, New Orleans and Key West, Florida. Remember: The couple that hikes together, stays together.

5. Say “Hello” at Adele’s.

Adele’s provides couples with an authentic date experience: a sit down meal with great food and a fun atmosphere. At Adele’s you can say to your boo, “Don’t worry babe, get whatever you want on the menu—money’s no option.” Money really is no option, because you can pay with dining points (for now). Show off those stacks and order the Maryland Trough, a 25-point glass bowl filled with brownies, ice cream, cherries, whip cream and every other sinfully delicious treat you can imagine. It doesn’t hurt that you get to keep the bowl when you’re done. Bae will be thoroughly impressed.

7. Get sporty with it.

With the Olympics fast approaching, you and your SO might want to get in shape. What better way than through sports? Eppley Recreation Center doubles as a haven for athletes with its racquetball and squash court, indoor swimming pool, table tennis boards and badminton court. If that isn’t sporty enough, UMD’s tennis courts are always open and always ready for a date. Grab a racket and get to playin’.

7. Picnic at one of our many, many quads.

Tawes Plaza. Washington Quad. Hornbake Plaza. UMD clearly endorses picnic dates with the sheer amount of places to have them. Tucked around campus, you can also find a private spot to enjoy some couple-time. Try places like behind Jimenez, next to St. Mary’s Hall or in that little hill next to Stamp where religious protestors like to tell you you’re going to hell. It makes for a very romantic atmosphere. All jokes aside, picnic dates are an inexpensive, cute way to spend time with your sweetheart.

8. Get those extracurriculars in and attend some events.

Year round, UMD puts on so many entertaining events. From Art Attack to Maryland Day, there’s something for everyone. Ask your SO what she’s interested in, chances are one of UMD’s myriad student organizations will throw an event for it. One recent event was Terpstock, a small music festival featuring new artists, which received rave reviews from attendees. Junior Gina Harwell said, “I took my man to Art Attack. We were so turnt to T-Pain, we sang ‘Buy U a Drank’ all night!”

9. Stamp out the boredom.

Head to Adele H. Stamp Student Union, otherwise known as Stamp, AKA The Place With the Food Court. Guess what? There’s actually more than just a food court at Stamp. Little did you know, just one floor above the food court sits Stamp Gallery, a mini art gallery that features contemporary art. The exhibits change pretty often, so you can even reuse this date idea. Stamp also houses Hoff Theater, where you can watch different performances put on by student organizations. When you’re done, yes, you can finally go to the food court.

10. Take a trip down Route 1.

Basically a no-brainer for any UMD student, Route 1 offers every food option known to man. Pizza, cookies, pho, pasta, sushi, bagels, calzones, subs—you name it—Route 1’s got you covered. If you and bae feel peckish, swing by Route 1 and let your hunger run rampant. Sophomore Miranda Rosen said, “I once thought Route 1 had too much food and that I wouldn’t ever try it all, but my boyfriend and I have actually eaten at a good amount of the restaurants. The variety is the bomb.” You heard it here, Route 1 is the

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