5 Things You Should Stop Wasting Money On

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You know Three 6 Mafia song, “Hard out Here for a Pimp”? Well it’s also hard out here for a college student. Even when we do have jobs, they typically pay crappy hourly wage and the cost of living keeps going up even though we’re still getting less than 10 bucks an hour. So why do complicate matters for ourselves by wasting money on stupid things when we could be saving up for grad school…or beer money? Here’s a list of the top 5 things you need to stop blowing your hard earned cash on.


I have two words for you: milk frother. You can get one on Amazon for like 15 bucks all told and create your own perfect, airy lattes. That way, you can avoid spending $3.25 on a cup of coffee. 

Organic Food

Hate to break it to you health nuts out there, but organic foods are typically a rip. Unless you’re buying foods that collect high amounts of pesticides (like strawberries, peaches and other soft-skinned fruits), you’re wasting your money. 

Drinks at Bars

You know they’re ripping you off. Fight the urge for a dirty Shirley and just pregame at home. Buy alcohol at grocery stores (and save money if you have a rewards card). If you don’t bring more than $5 for cover, you can’t spend it.

Clothes from Forever 21 and H&M

Ladies, listen up: there is no point in buying a $20 going-out dress that will rip after three wears. Not to mention you’d be surprised at how quickly seemingly inexpensive purchases rack up when you constantly have to replace poorly made clothes. You’ll be better off having spent a little more for a dress that isn’t held together with cheap thread and prayers. 

Bottled Water

This is the biggest waste of money that most college students are guilty of. Besides being bad for the environment, buying bottled water at convenience stores, or even in big packages from the grocery store, can really add up. Buy a reusable water bottle from Target for as cheap as $4 and watch your savings soar.

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