5 Natural Remedies that will Make You Think Twice About Popping Pills

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Let’s face it—college acts as a breeding ground for germs. So many gross kids packed into tiny rooms means exposure to some major sicknesses. Hopefully you did not catch the plague yet. But for most of us, we suffered through the pain at one point. Sure, medication helps, but sometimes you need a change of pace. Occasionally ditch the pills and look to nature for a cure for your common sickness that runs rampant in college.

These natural remedies for any sickness will add some much needed Mother Nature back into your medicine cabinet.

1. Pucker up with a Lemon when you are Coughing

Don’t keep your roommates up all night with coughing up a lung every three seconds. Head down to the grocery store and grab a lemon. Cut the lemon in slices and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Yes, you suck on it. People swear that sucking on a lemon with salt and pepper will relieve your cough by soothing your throat and loosening mucus in the throat. Might as well try it—coughing can get pretty annoying.

2. Hang With Some Dolphins to Kill Your Headache

Everyone knows dolphins literally slay the game as the cutest marine mammal. These animals show signs for empathy and friendliness that will make you fall in love with them even more. Looking past their cute exterior, dolphins can actually help cure headaches. The sonic frequencies emitted from them generate a field that brings the human brain to a balance using a biomolecular system. We know, science jargon can put you to sleep but here’s what you need to know: people that listen to their sonic frequencies can improve their mental health as well as headaches. If you feel a headache coming on, go watch some dolphins acting cute. Talk about a dream come true.

3. Oregano Oil says Goodbye to the Flu

Sometimes, the flu shot does not sound that appealing. However, the flu always made its way to the list as one of the most dreaded common illnesses out there. Ever since ancient times they dealt with this and now, you can help yourself with some of your ancestors’ old-timey knowledge. Traditional healers used oregano oil to help lessen flu symptoms. Put a few drops into a diffuser and inhale the good stuff and exhale all of the bad stuff. Besides lots of rest, oregano oil might do the trick for the flu. It calms down an upset stomach and eases digestion. It also promotes sweating, which makes the fever go down. The more you orega-know.

4. Run Off your Cramps

That time of month rolls around and you feel like your ovaries decided to fight with each other. A lot of the time, our periods consists of us ladies curled up in bed in fetal position. Sometimes, I will take breaks to eat gummy worms or froyo. However, even though you feel like you can’t move, moving will help your cramps go away. Whether you run in the park or take a walk, get your blood pumping. The releasing of endorphins relieves menstrual cramps—distracting yourself proves to act as the ultimate cure.

5. Sore-Throat-Be-Gone Concoction!

Sore throats top the list right after finals as the worst college experience. Well, now that you think that, most likely you feel a little sick. Sore throats really suck and cause a lot of problems with eating and drinking. Sometimes it leads to a full-blown cold or the flu. No fear needed. Just concoct a ginger, lemon and honey drink to soothe your throat. It calls for one teaspoon of powdered ginger, one teaspoon of honey, 3/4 cup of hot water and a half a lemon. Pour the hot water together with the honey and ginger before squeezing the lemon in. The honey coats the throat and offers awesome anti-bacterial properties that really add to this drink. Don’t just drink it. Gargle, too.

Zoë is a freshman studying marketing at the University of San Diego. Lover of life and cats. She's probably at the beach eating Açaí bowls while reading Harry Potter.

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