25 Signs You Went To UW

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“University of Washington…doesn’t it, like, rain there a lot?” Um, yes. But it rains a lot in tons of other places too. So what is it about UW that sets it apart from other colleges? I’m glad you asked because here’s 25 ways you know you go to UW. So put on your purple and gold and get ready to nod in agreement .

1. You’ve slipped on the bricks in Red Square

And totally tried to act like you meant to do that when strangers look at you with pity.

2. You’ve taken a selfie with the cherry blossoms

Come on, do you really go to UW if you don’t take selfies?

3. You live for Taco Tuesdays at The 8 inside McMahon Hall

It’s basically like going to Chipotle…on campus. It’s heaven.

4. Your life goal is taking a selfie with Dubs


5. You never re-sell your books to the bookstore

I paid $100 for a textbook three months ago and you’ll give me $5 for it? No, thanks.

6. You’ve gotten free food walking through the quad

Granola bars, fruit snacks, bottled water? Don’t mind if I do. Thank you, clubs I will probably never join.

7. You know Starbucks is completely overrated but that doesn’t stop you from buying it

Yes, it makes hipsters look at you in disgust but it’s everywhere on campus – it’s a Seattle thing.

8. You live in constant fear of making it onto UW Snapchats

Worst nightmare: logging onto facebook and seeing an embarrassing picture of you on the UW Snapchats page.

9. You feel like you’ve stepped into Hogwarts whenever you’re in the Suzzallo Reading Room

All you need is your Harry Potter Halloween costume (I know you have one).

10. You’ve spent way too much time waiting to order at the food trucks in Red Square

But it’s so worth it because Hawaiian BBQ is your bff.

11. You go crazy at Husky Stadium whenever there’s a football game

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know a thing about football – when everyone else screams you do too.

12. You’ve had a professor whose accent makes it impossible to understand

Wait… I have to do what? Google translate please help me.

13. You’ve tried great (and not-so-great) ethnic food on the ave

We’ve all heard horror stories of the places with cockroaches crawling on the walls.

14. The smell of weed on the ave feels like home

Sad but true.

15. You wear a raincoat for most of the spring

And you secretly judge the people who use umbrellas.

16. You’ve gotten lost in Padelford Hall

Whoever designed this building was pure evil.

17. Two words: Drumheller Ducklings

They are not only adorable but they also have their own ramp to get into the fountain!

18. You’ve become an expert at dodging people in the quad trying to get you to support their cause

Just look down and keep walking.

19. 60 degree weather calls for tanks and shorts

“Ugh, it’s so hot” – everyone at UW when it’s 60 degrees.

20. The rivalry between UW and WSU is insane

But seriously, UW > WSU.

21. Day-drinking on Greek Row is perfectly acceptable

And so is littering the street with red solo cups.

22. You hope and pray someone does horribly on finals so the curve will be in your favor

Don’t lie – you know it’s true.

23. You secretly want to jump into Drumheller Fountain

…but then you remember you’ll get fined so you don’t.

24. Your camera roll is full of pictures of Rainier Vista and cherry blossoms

Along with about 6,474 selfies.

25. Throwing up your “dubs up” sign makes you feel like a badass

Of course, some people see it as the west side gang sign but only true huskies know it’s for ‘Washington.’

Elizabeth is a junior at University of Washington majoring in Journalism and Comparative Literature. She's always trying to be less sarcastic and always fails miserably. One time she met George Clooney and everything in the world made sense for those precious three seconds.

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