25 Funny Dog Pictures for Finals Week

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Dogs have the life. No papers, exams or studying. But oddly enough, we can still relate to them on pretty personal levels. As many of us find ourselves spending long hours in the library, we could use a little break and a lot of funny dog pictures.

Here are 25 funny dog pictures to help you get through finals week.

1. Too tired to function

tired dog

Julia Quadrino

I’m sure we’ve all had this feeling—when you don’t get much sleep the night before, and have to get right back up and right back to work. Stony Brook senior Julia Quadrino described this and said, “When your alarm goes off and you wonder if the degree is really worth it.”

2. About to explode on “that guy”

funny dog pictures

Julia Quadrino

When someone in class says they don’t have to study because they aren’t worried about the exam. Really not cool. Some of us will be struggling.

3. Don’t cross the tired studier

angry dog

Julia Quadrino

When someone makes the mistake of telling you to calm down and stop stressing. During finals week, we’re all tired and stressed.  We don’t need anyone telling us not to feel how we feel.

4. Will Yourself Awake

dog relaxing

Kristan Bravo

Trying to keep your eyes open during that last lecture before the final. At that point, you’re tired and just want to get out of there.

5. Studying with friends feels

funny dog pictures

Julia Quadrino

When you’re trying to be productive and that one friend just won’t let you. They love to distract themselves by distracting you, too.

6. Smiling through the pain

funny dog pictures

Julia Quadrino

Trying to make it seem like you’re okay when you’re running on four hours of sleep, and have so much to do that you don’t even know where to start.

7. You have to look studious to feel studious

funny dog pictures

Julia Quadrino

“When you finished reading one page of the textbook,” said Quadrino. Well, you have to look studious to feel studious. Once you feel studious, you will be studious.

8. Slowly crashing

dog yawning

Kristan Bravo


9. It’s all in the face

funny dog pictures

Julia Quadrino

This dog’s face says so much. “When your professor keeps looking at you during the exam,” said American University junior Aviva Chaidell. Nobody needs the added pressure.

10. Praying for summer

Julia Quadrino

When you can taste summer…so close, yet still so far. Dreaming of pool days, sunshine and anything but sitting in the library studying.

11. Everyday feels

funny dog pictures

Emily Derbyshire

Just struggling to get through the week.

12. One yawn away from knocking out

yawning dog

Kristan Bravo

Yawn. Again.

13. To break or not to break

Kristan Bravo

When you just want to go for a walk to clear your mind, but you know all of your responsibilities will loom over your head. Taking a break can be hard sometimes, knowing that time will be ticking  and you still need to get your work done.

14. Presentation day feels

funny dog pictures

Julia Quadrino

When you’re presenting on a topic in class that you know nothing about and don’t know what to do with your hands. Don’t worry, you’ll get through it.

15. Break time

funny dog pictures

Kristan Bravo

Taking a break from studying after you’ve only studied for five minutes. Reward yourself for your hard work.

16. I guess I should get up…

Julia Quadrino

When you’re relaxing, but remember you have a 10-page paper due tomorrow. Yes, I’m sure we’ve all been there and all looked like this dog at some point.

17. Extra credit, pretty please?

Kristan Bravo

American University Chaidell described this as, “Looking for any hope to pass.” Trying to hide from your responsbilities, searching for motivation…all of the above fit here.

18. Awaiting my fate

Julia Quadrino

“Waiting for the professor to post your final grade on Blackboard,” said American University junior Emily Derbyshire. Some professors use Blackboard very efficiently. Others…not so much.

19. When you’re in this together

Julia Quadrino

Drowning in all the work you have to do.

20. Last minute begging

puppy dog eyes

Julia Quadrino

“When you go to office hours for the first time all semester and literally give the ‘puppy dog’ eyes asking for extra credit,” said Derbyshire. Sometimes you have to do it. Even if they already told you they don’t offer extra credit, you have to give them these eyes. It’s worth a shot.

21. Four minutes to save your GPA

Emily Derbyshire

Running to hand in the final that’s due in 10 minutes. You finished it! Now you just have to submit on time or run over to your professor’s office drenched in sweat.

22. Stress eating is a diet, too

Julia Quadrino

“When someone asks you how your diet is going,” said Quadrino. During finals, stress eating can become a thing. You probably have less time to eat at all, let alone eat three healthy meals a day.

23. All nighter feels

funny dog pictures

Emily Derbyshire

“Trying to finish the entire assignment the night before it’s due,” said Derbyshire. A lot of us do this more often than we like to admit. Biting off more than you can chew is a definite reality on college campuses.

24. Time to relax

Julia Quadrino

Don’t worry, this  will be your expression after you turn in your final paper and the professor says, “It was nice having you in the class.” The pressure will be off, and you will be on your way to summer (or your next exam).

25. Mama, I made it

Kristan Bravo

That feeling when you finally make it. All of your late nights, early mornings and hard work has officially paid off.

Even More Funny Dog Pictures to Help You Through Your Exams

Written by Devon Ledbetter

26. Proceed with Caution

wind funny dog pictures

Cassie Bednar

The whirlwind of finals sneaks up on us before we know it and blows us all away, just like Zeke got blown away by Hurricane Irma. Take precautionary measures to prepare for the storm.

27. But First, One Last Hoorah

toy funny dog pictures

Ali Hlatky

When you know you should be studying, but you got invited to three different end-of-the-semester parties and you can’t resist the temptation.

28. Contemplating Life Choices

bed funny dog pictures

Brittany Ann 

When you wake up the next morning hungover and regret every choice you’ve ever made up until this point.

29. Smile Through the Pain

smile funny dog pictures

Sarah Almoshaikah 

After you finally get out of bed to start studying and must put on your brave face. It could be worse, right?

30. Accepting Your Fate

laptop funny dog pictures

Jesse Poist

When you can’t find a spot in the library and have to return back to your dorm, knowing you won’t be as productive in your chill space.

31. I Need Silence

glasses funny dog pictures

Madison Chandler

The look on your face when you finally find your groove but then your roommate comes home and seems to have lost the term “quiet” from their vocabulary.

32. Birthday Stress

birthday funny dog pictures

Nick Slimick 

Trying to celebrate your birthday during finals week but all you can think about is that exam for your chemistry class in two days.

33. WiFi Problems

lake funny dog pictures

Brittany Hope 

How you feel after the WiFi goes out yet again, always at the most inconvenient times—like when you have that last assignment due at 11:59 and you start it at 11:00. We’ve all been there.

34. Break After Break

blanket funny dog pictures

Devon Ledbetter 

How you look taking yet another undeserved break, completely relaxed and unbothered.

35. Simpler Times

pool funny dog pictures

Ashley Findeisen

When you hit that point of studying where you just scroll through old summer pictures, reminiscing on easier days and wondering if you’ll ever see another one again.

36. Grr Group Projects

small funny dog pictures

Karina Ramirez

How you feel towards your profs that assign group projects at the end of the semester, forcing you to leave your room and socialize. To retaliate, you refuse to change out of pajamas for these meetings.

37. It’s an L

falling funny dog pictures

Alyssa Feller

Stumbling out of your first final knowing you just took a major L.

38.  You Made It!

shopping funny dog pictures

Maria Paula Fajardo

Your smile while leaving your last exam, stress-free and no longer concerned about your grades.

39. Catching up on Z’s

sleep funny dog pictures

Katarina Jernberg

You couldn’t contain your excitement while packing to go home for break, but as soon as you get into that backseat or on that bus, your lack of sleep gets the better of you and you pass out.

40. Merry Christmas

antlers funny dog pictures

Grace Royal

How you feel once you get home safe and sound, well-rested and finally in the Christmas spirit. Happy Holidays!

Why College Students Need Dogs

“Dogs are super excited to see you and be petted. They give off a positive energy that just makes you smile. They always make you feel loved and relaxed, even if you’re up to your ankles in term papers.” – FSU sophomore Lucy Whitehead.

“My pup is such a goofball and when I’m stressed she can sense it and she will run around and be silly and it ALWAYS cheers me up!” – FSU senior Hope Stuart.

face funny dog pictures

Hope Stuart

“My pupper always welcomes me home with tail wags and wet nose kisses which helps me know everything will be okay, especially after I just failed a test.” – Clemson University sophomore Carlie Cauthen.

Carlie Cauthen

“Koda is relentless at making me laugh by doing something stupid when I need a break and am so stressed. He also gives me the best cuddles and pure love. Dogs make everything better!” – FSU sophomore Kirstie Miazga.

looking funny dog pictures

Kirstie Miazga

“I know my pup loves me, even if I fail my finals.” –FSU sophomore Kelly Perez.

bandana funny dog pictures

Kelly Perez 

“I have my dog here and she literally makes it possible to get through the day! She always knows when I’m upset and if I study for too long she will lay on my laptop! Honestly it is a blessing to have her here!” – Clemson University sophomore Audrey Atkinson.

bed funny dog pictures

Audrey Atkinson 

“Coming home to Yogi always puts a bad day in perspective. I also think having him around helps me focus on doing my work while at home because it’s the perfect amount of “social” interaction to keep anxiety low while doing projects or studying but (usually) not be too distracting!” – Clemson University student Hannah Maad.

outside funny dog pictures

Hannah Maad

“Elan is actually a service animal. (A real one). And every day I can’t wake up on my own (I would literally sleep forever) but it’s especially important the week of finals for me not to miss my classes. So, one of Elan’s tasks is to wake me up. Elan is also my best friend and I can tell him anything. No matter what happens, he’ll cook with me, cuddle with me and play with me and he’ll be a ham all the time.” – FSU senior Amber Cartier.

matching funny dog pictures

Amber Cartier

“I have a dog and two cats, and our dog is super awesome because she gets me up and outside to take her for walks, something which I am not at all motivated to do otherwise! Also, she is a really good social tool. At our apartment complex we have a bark park and she loves to play with the other dogs which has allowed me to get to know their people!” –Clemson University senior Jesse Bynum.

“Honestly, having my dog here at college was one of the best decisions I made. She is the best study-buddy and makes school a bit less stressful.” – Clemson University sophomore Rachel Langenfeld.

sleep funny dog pictures

Rachel Lagenfeld

*Updated on December 12, 2017 to include list items 26–40 and “Why College Students Need Dogs” by Devon Ledbetter

I am a junior studying broadcast journalism at American University. I am obsessed with my dog and would die to see the Mets win the World Series.

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