25 College Hacks You Won’t Learn In Class

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College—just seeing it instantly brings forth a whirlpool of memories of friendships, bad decisions and fun times. In the course of four years you learn a lot about yourself and especially about life. The cool thing about college is that for all you learn in the classroom, it doesn’t compare to the life hacks you learn in day to day interaction. Make sure you study up on college hacks your professors and TAs won’t be teaching.

1. Always keep your laptop in a case

Whether you drop it in your room or you are carrying it in your bookbag like Humpty Dumpty, your laptop is bound to have a great fall. Get some protection so that it can survive the hit.

2. Know what days the specials are on

College towns are always having weekday specials on food and drinks. Work smarter, not harder.

3. Buy hangers that allow you to hang multiple shirts and jeans

Five beats one anyday. Being able to hang more items will give you more closet space to work with and keep you organized.

4. Always have a water bottle

Water is always a go to when you are dehydrated. It also can come in handy to store alcoholic beverages that need to be concealed.

5. Never go for the 8 a.m.

This isn’t high school. 8 a.m. then versus 8 a.m. now are not one and the same. Save yourself!

6. Always keep a hoodie in your car

You never know when it could unexpectedly rain. Or you could have class in a cold building. Having a hoodie prepares you for almost any weather condition.

7. Know at least one friend’s phone number by heart

Anything can happen. You never know where you might end up during an epic night. Knowing one number by heart could prove to be the difference between you sleeping alone by a dumpster and making it home okay.

8. Always keep your college I.D. on you

Stores are always giving away college student discounts. Don’t get caught slippin’.

9. Don’t take class after 3 p.m.

The later it gets, the harder time you’ll have focusing. The last thing you need is your class conflicting with your afternoon nap.

10. Always have a suit handy

You never know when you’ll need it for an interview. Being prepared before you get the call is better than scrambling around for a suit.

11. Google docs are your friend

Team work really does make the dream work. You can learn a semester’s worth of material on a Google doc. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

12. Be friendly to the super senior

They’ve been here the longest so they know the in’s and out’s of college. Take their advice–through trial and error, they plenty.

13. Always have an extra flash drive

Shit’s gonna go wrong. You will misplace at least one flash drive. Pop out another and keep it moving.

14. Headphones, headphones, headphones!

Can you really survive college without headphones? Needed for bus rides, walking around on campus or even to tune out loud noise, headphones are crucial to your collegiate success.

15. Have a favorite drink

Have a favorite drink so you can know what to order at the bar.

16. Always hide your good snacks

Your real friends will definitely ask. Hide the candy away until you’re ready to chow down.

17. When your parents offer to buy you groceries, ball out!

Don’t be a hero here. They offered. They knew what they were getting into.

18. Learn how to use the stove/ oven


Learning how to cook will save your life when you run out of Cocoa Puffs and frozen dinners. There is so much more to the kitchen than the microwave.

19. Fabric softener will make your clothes smell even better

Good detergent will make your clothes smell good, but fabric softener will have you getting compliments each and every time you step out.

20. Always order water at restaurants

Save that extra few bucks you would have spent on a soda or beverage. You can probably use it towards your tip.

21. Build good relationships with your professors

A teacher who knows your name is much more likely to bump that 89 to a 90 than one who doesn’t.

22. Build a good relationship with your RA

When shit hits the fan, if your RA knows you’re a good kid, it could save you in the long run. Also, RAs have a lot of good advice and have walked in your shoes. Use them as resources.

23. Go to office hours

Please, please, please go to office hours. If you don’t understand something, this is when you should get help. Teachers love when students come and often reward them in the long haul for it.

24. Tell your roommate in advance in you’re going to bring someone home

It’s always polite to let your roommate know if there is going to be company. It will also serve you well so that you aren’t in a situation where both roommates have company at the same time and are trying to seal the deal.

25. Buy toiletries in bulk

Toiletries are the types of items that when you don’t have them and need them—it sucks. It’s also embarrassing when your friend comes over and sits on the toilet assuming that you have TP and you’re out. Talk about awkward.

Andrew is a fourth year Journalism major and Communication Studies minor at the University of Georgia. He is passionate about sports, music, TV, and film.

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