21 Things To Do Before You’re 21

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In 1984, Congress violated what College Magazine holds to be our inalienable right by raising the drinking age from 18 to the oh-so-distant 21.  Though our parents arrived on their campuses ripe and ready to (legally) party like rock stars, our generation must wait and wonder. But there is oneunexpected benefit: We get to be bad. Here’s a list of things every coed might think about accomplishing before turning 21 — when once devious felonies become boring exercises of citizenship. Note: College Magazine is in no way endorsing criminal activity. These are just fun ideas to write about. We dare to dream…

1) Throw a classy wine and cheese soiree. Sweet Moscato, usually reserved for dessert, is perfect for first-time winos.

2) Buy a fake ID. Googling “fake,” “China” and “scannable” should do the trick.

3) Once acquired, use said fake to rent a car. Roadtrip!

4) Forget the fake: Sneak into a club. Try the time-tested methods and rely on your wiles, flirting with the bouncer or hopping a fence.

5) Go to Vegas.

6) Get drunk in Vegas (preferably at Celine Dion’s supposedly spectacular show ‘Cause I’m your LAAAAAADYYYY!).

7) Wake up in a strange hotel room with Mike Tyson’s tiger and a baby. Remember nothing.

8) Dazzle your local subway station with some artsy graffiti. You’ll only be able to pull off the rebellious youth thing for so long.  

9) Listen to Adele’s album 19. You’re not quite ready for the cry-your-eyes-out-burn-photos-of-your-ex-then-bathe-yourself-in-Ben-and-Jerry’s emotions that 21 brings.

10) Watch every season of Dawson’s Creek. Revel in the raw teenage angst and ever-catchy theme song. Watch Capeside’s finest go to fake college. Watch Pacey’s beard grow. Conclude facial hair is definitely not an aphrodisiac.

11) Gamble.

12) Become a bartender.

13) Bar-hop.

14) Serve alcohol to your fellow minors.

15) Get arrested for serving alcohol to minors.

16) Spend the night in jail. If Paris Hilton did it, you can too!

17) Hold office in your local government.

18) Sign a contract in Mississippi. Seriously. Only down the bayou do you have to be 21 to smack your John Hancock on a legal document.

19) Revamp your AIM account with a vengeance. No self-respecting adult still chats with their “buddies.”

20) Work a mind-numbing 9-5 job from your very own cubicle. Welcome to adulthood.

21) Pull a Don Draper and pour a stiff drink in your cubicle. It’s the scotch that keeps his hair so shiny.

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