16 Summer Jams for your Next Road Trip

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Bathing suit? Check. Flip flops? Check. Summer playlist? Check. You’re welcome.

1. Bang Bang/Who Run the World


Queen Bey mixed with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. What more could you ask for? This mash-up will skyrocket to the top of your Most Played playlist. Honestly, you may end up listening to this song and this song only for your entire car ride. No one would complain.

2. Shut Up and Dance

Overplayed? Maybe. Necessary? Absolutely. Try to tell me you don’t love this song… Liar.

3. Everybody

A classic Backstreet Boys hit. A must-have sing along. Flashback to middle school and belt it out until your lungs hurt. Then, stop for ice cream. To soothe your throat, of course. Not because you’re a sugar savage with no control.

4. Teacher

You’ve heard Nick Jonas’s (super sexy) song Chains, but you probably haven’t heard this jam, which is equally as sexy. “So let me teach you, dance with that body girl, ‘Cause everybody here is wanting your body girl.” Hello dreamboat.

5. Lose My Mind

For country lovers, this’ll be right in your wheelhouse. For those of you that don’t like country, this is a bit more pop-influenced than other songs. No pick up trucks, tractors or other country clichés mentioned.

6. Hey Mama

Nicki Minaj’s collab with David Guetta will leave you humming and wishing you were as fly as Nicki.

7. FourFiveSeconds

It’s so nice of Kanye to help new artist Paul McCartney gain some traction with his career.

8. Budapest

Take a break and mellow out with some George Ezra. Everyone needs a chill song to drive to, especially when your passenger in shot gun has abandoned you for a quick nap.

9. Ignition Remix

Is there a regular Ignition? Who knows and who cares. This song is another classic that will never get old.

10. Let it Go

Yes, this song. I honestly don’t believe that there is a person out there who doesn’t like this song. Two seconds in and all the haters will be singing along. Roll down the windows, it’s about to get loud.

11. Night Changes

I’m still really torn up about Zayn leaving 1D. I don’t really like to talk about it. But this song is still one of my favorites and hearing Zayn hit those high notes brings me back to the days of a complete boy band. Happier times.

12. Sun Daze

I know, I know. Another country song. But trust me, Florida Georgia Line has tons of pop and hip hop influences. Plus, the lyrics are all about summer.

13. Cross My Heart

You’ve probably never heard of Mariana’s Trench before. But you should. These guys toe the line between pop and indie really well.

14. Want to Want Me

This might be the one song that Jason Derulo doesn’t sing his name. And it’s awesome.

15. Sparks

Attention world: Hilary Duff is back, kicking ass and taking names. Sparks is a fun, poppy song that you will not be able to stop singing.

16. Crushin’ It

One final country song to close out the list. Brad Paisley is one of the kings of country music and this song is just the right pick-me-up for when driving gets mundane.

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