10 TV Comedy Catch Phrases to Bring Back to School with You

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Need a quick 30-minute escape from the stress of life? The amazing comedy series of now or the past fit the need perfectly. But don’t just use them to unwind – they impart wisdom and basically sum up your college existence. Sheldon’s egregious roommate mistakes (like kicking Leonard out of the bathroom based on a schedule) mirror your real life “roommate stole the morning shower, made me late to class but stayed in bed all day” problems. And every time Janice pops up on Friends, you can’t help but think of that guy you sit behind in all your major classes. Could it BE any more relatable?

1. “Well just tell him to call me as ASAP as possible.” – The Office

When you’re about to go into an interview or you need just that little pinch of professional-ism, what could be better than channeling the best in the business? Always suave, put together and charming The Office’s crew can teach us a thing or two. The Office is just hilarious. I like this quote because I feel like college makes us all very frazzled and I could easily see myself saying this in a state of confusion,” Geneseo recent graduate Isabel Paul said. Don’t worry, even if you flub in your nice button-down channeling just a little of Michael Scott’s confidence might cinch the interview.

2. “How You Doin’?” – Friends

Speaking of suave. Everyone knows two makes everything more fun. What better way to attract a date? I mean it works every time for Joey, right? Okay. Fine. Maybe Joey didn’t create the most complex pick up line, but he always seems to get the girl. Goes to show you need more than just slick moves. Instead, channel his loveable personality (but maybe with a few extra IQ points). Everyone loves a skilled tongue, but a date who shows up on time and saves you from waiting in the rain is much more important.

3. “You want your belt to buckle, not your chair.” – Arrested Development

Yes, I’m talking to you Freshmen Fifteeners. Welcome to college, now let’s remember the wise (and sometimes harsh) words of the Bluths. “I love all of Lucille Bluth’s quotes … I also like all of the family’s chicken impersonations,” University of Virginia senior Maddy Gates said. So when you walk back for that third piece of mediocre dining hall pizza or get to that place in life where a meal is not complete without an ice cream dessert, just picture her disapproving frown.

4. “You Know That’s Right.” – Psyche

Morning coffee never tastes as sweet alone. When you find that special someone, the one you eat lunch with, spend spring break with (even after living together all year) and bump fists with (even over the stupidest jokes), you have found the Gus to your Shawn, the Shawn to your Gus. “Psych is a TV show my friends and I really got into in high school, it was so funny and the friendship between Shawn and Gus was so relatable…Sometimes saying these catchphrases in college is just humorous, but it also makes me nostalgic to the times I watched it with my friends in high school,” Swarthmore senior Zora Kosoff said. Nothing feels better than laughing at something and turning to your crew and seeing your buddy’s right there with you.

5. “Self Five” – How I Met Your Mother

Give yourself some credit. When you turn in that seven-page paper, producing pages of brilliant, grammatically correct, gold words, you deserve a pat on the back. Then you raise your hand in your lecture class to answer a question, feel your face go pink, but find out you teacher knows your name you’ve earned a gold sticker (or at least a participation point). Celebrate your small victories. Put yourself out on a limb and then celebrate the small stuff with some Barney confidence.

6. “I’m a smart, strong, sensual woman” – Bob’s Burgers

Feel the power! “I love this quote because it’s so important to remind yourself how amazing you are. You can totally dominate that first test because you embody your inner Tina Belcher,” Drake University senior Nadia Valentine said. So draw yourself up tall, look in the mirror and smile. Even better, imagine yourself atop your beautiful stallion. You got this, now gallop to the top.

7. “Terry Loves Yogurt” – Brooklyn 99

Yum. Literally, yum! Yogurt may seem boring but it has saved my life so many times in college. When I wake up late and need something already prepared to eat and run or when I’m sipping coffee and realize I’ll be going hungry for lunch, yogurt saves the day. I’ll even eat it for breakfast and spice it up with jam and granola. Don’t mess with my yogurt.

8. “Baazinga” – The Big Bang Theory

Shhh. College tried to convince you that you’re “no longer the smartest kid in the room” and that “everyone here was top of their high school class.” But don’t worry. The admissions office lied. You went to a harder and cooler high school and you top these other nerds. In fact, these other “nerds” get lucky when they answer a question right. Don’t worry, you rule.

9. “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.” – Parks and Rec

Wise words. “Alright, I’ve got to go with Ron Swanson … He’s probably my favorite comedy sitcom character of all time,” Regis College senior Tyler Estes said. So, keep this in mind when deciding how many credits to take your first semester. Do you really want to feel frazzled and stressed running from class to class? Maybe try taking a higher-level class with a more intensive workload. You’ll get the same academic rigor, but you’ll manage fewer assignments and due dates.

10. “Schmidt Happens” – New Girl

Sometimes you just got to shrug it off. In 15 years, will you really remember that your friend invited the first year hall mate you didn’t get along with to your birthday? And if you do, you’ll probably just laugh. And what better character to channel when you need the extra confidence to brush things off? Don’t let constant rejection deter you. Go get your Cece!

Kristen is a Senior (or fourth year, as we call them!) at the University of Virginia, studying Art History and Media Studies. She loves modern art, walking around New York and fancy cheese.

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