20 Songs to Help You Cope with the 2016 Election Results

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Tuesday, Nov. 8 will go down in history as the day Americans went, “Wait what?” After a long and tiring election season, Hillary fans are left to pick up the pieces of the shock heard ‘round the world. If you’re part of the 53 percent of America that didn’t vote for Donald Trump, you’re likely experiencing significant emotional pain. The results won’t be changing anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean your attitude can’t. Turn up the volume and prepare to feel everything from sadness to pride to hope.

These songs are just what you need to deal with Trump as president.

1. “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by Mike Mains & The Branches

The encouragement is right in the name. Today might feel like the end of the world, but deep down we all know we’re going to survive. Accepting what we can’t change is the first step to peace.

2. “Just Keep Breathing” by We The Kings

Inhale, exhale. You may feel that the world is against you, but surely something went well for you this week. Maybe you passed a hard exam or got to pet a puppy. Did you stress-eat a gallon of ice cream? Anything?

3. “A Little Too Much” by Shawn Mendes

Sometimes life takes a swing at you and doesn’t ease up. Know that brighter days are coming, and it’s up to you to clear the fog. Don’t let disappointment block your hope. Get up on your feet and make the change you want to see.

4. “You’re Gonna Miss This” by Trace Adkins

How much you want to bet Obama has been playing this on repeat all week ready to say, “Told you so”? Two months ‘till inauguration, folks. Let’s soak up these “good times” while we can.

5. “Kamikaze” by MØ

Every year brings new issues to fight about, and our eventual doom is inevitable. Embrace the downfall in a kamikaze fashion and party the night away. Forgetting about the election for a moment can’t hurt. 

6. “Rise” by Katy Perry

If you’re liberal, you probably already know that Katy Perry is Hillary’s biggest fan. “Rise” calls upon the pride you felt during the summer Olympics and simultaneously reminds you that you can still stand up for your beliefs.

7. “Help Our Souls” by NIHILS

NIHILS read majority of America’s minds when writing this hit. Don’t be fooled by the outcome of the election, there are plenty of people on your side. You lost the fight, but you didn’t lose everything. You can get through the results of the 2016 presidential election.

8. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

Okay, so this isn’t the official music video, but it’s still pretty neat. Rachel Platten brings you back to the motivational videos and inspirational entrances during HRC’s campaign. Crack a smile, shed a tear and remember that there’s never a wrong time to promote change.

9. “American Spirit” by Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett’s emotional song sends the perfect message for this election season. Our whole lives we have pledged to stand together as one indivisible nation, yet we’ve broken the promise. Maybe you don’t like The Donald, but it’s time to suck it up, repair severed relationships and let Rhett’s soothing voice remind us of our allegiance.

10. “I Love the USA” by Weezer

At the end of the day, we’re Americans. We’re diverse, we’re gluttonous and we care way too much about the NFL, but that’s what makes us great. No matter who you voted for or what you believe, we can all agree with Weezer on this one. Look at us being all united.

11. “Renegades” by X Ambassadors

Let’s be renegades. Let’s be rebels. Let’s show the world how we feel. If we don’t agree with something Mr. President says or does, we can do something about it. Now, that doesn’t mean let’s go out there and smash things. Make signs. Show them that we aren’t violent. We are strong. If Trump wants to build a wall, we will rise and fight it as much as we can. If Trump wants to put an end to Planned Parenthood, we will find another way of funding it. Sh-t, if he’s gonna deport our friends, we’ll marry them if we have to.

12. “I Know Where I’ve Been” by Queen Latifah, Hairspray

Queen Latifah blew us all away with her voice when she sang about the hassles her character went through during the Civil Rights Movement. This song shows how far we’ve come as a nation since the 60s and how far we’ll go again if our progress lessens, which many feel it will in these four years. Mr. Trump, don’t take us back, please. We’ve come too far for that to happen.

13. “Knock You Down” by Keri Hilson

This presidential campaign knocked a lot of us down, and slowly we have to get back on a path we once had or maybe even pave new ones. People say Trump is a bully, and he’s gonna knock us down over and over again. But when bullies knock you down, you have to get back up and stand up for yourself and your rights.

14. “Circle of Life” by Lion King

The circle of life moves us all through despair and hope, through faith and love, until we find our place in this world. We hurt, we cry, we love. We go through every emotion possible at some point in our lives, and we get passed it all. This is something we, too, will get passed.

15. “Dare You to Move” by Switchfoot

The country’s eyes, the world’s eyes and our eyes are on you, Mr. President. We’re watching to see what you do next. Hopefully, the ones who oppose you will be pleasantly surprised at what you do for our country and the world.

16. “Rise Up” by Andra Day

We can rise up unafraid time and time again. We can bring the world to its feet. We just need each other, and we need hope. We will keep marching and do what we can to remove the immigration ban. We will march and protest until Planned Parenthood can keep its doors open, and continue to get its funding.

17. “Headstrong” by Trapt

For the times you feeling angry or disappointed, use this song to get that anger out. It’s the song that’ll get your head bobbing and your fists pumping like no other. We have been headstrong. The women’s march took place the day after the inauguration, and people from all over the country and in places around the world stood by us, as women and as Americans. We marched and took on the president’s views headstrong, and that’s only the beginning.

18. “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane

When the election was nearing, people were threatening to move away if Trump won, and he did. Though few people actually did move, for the ones who didn’t and wanted to, this song is for you. Use it to get away for a few minutes. Sit there and envision yourself somewhere only you know with someone that you love, where politics doesn’t exist.

19. “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba

When the drinking isn’t enough to dull the pain anymore–because there will be a time when it isn’t–think about ways to get yourself back up. Don’t let someone whose views seem so immoral and unjust bring you down for long. You are better than that.

20. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

For the times you feel like you can’t survive this, put this song on full blast and scream “I will survive!” at the top of your lungs. You’ve survived worse, and you will survive this. The world’s not done with us yet, and we’re not done with it either.

*Updated on January 31, 2017 by Christy Piña to include songs 11-20. 

Kyler is a junior communication major at Walla Walla University in Washington state. He enjoys scary movies, afternoon naps and the occasional outdoor adventure.

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