10 Signs You Were Meant to be a Journalism Major

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Journalism majors of the world, I know you may think you’re alone in your obsession with grammar and all things AP style – but you’re not! Read on for some confirmation that you’re normal – at least for a college journalism student.

1. Incorrect use of “its” and “it’s” warrants an automatic un-follow on Twitter.

2. You feel that anyone who mixes up “there” “their” and “they’re” cannot be trusted, with anything. Except a dictionary, which might be useful.

3. You stop going to lecture if your professor has any spelling errors on his or her slides.

4. You have a relationship with your AP Stylebook.

5. You spend more time interviewing sources for stories than talking to your friends.

6. When you come across anything even remotely interesting on campus, you automatically start crafting a lede in your head for a story you probably won’t even write.

7. Holding yourself back from correcting the grammar of strangers is excruciatingly painful.

8. You have at least five different news apps on your iPhone.

9. Sleep doesn’t matter as much as deadlines do.

10. “I can’t, I have to write an article,” is your standard reason for not being able to go out. And it’s almost always true.


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